Recipes that don't require the oven to reheat -- for hot weather

lmsorkinMay 7, 2002

Hello all!

I am working on building up a supply of freezer meals. However, as hot weather approaches I see one drawback in most of my menus -- all of the reheating instructions use the oven. In hot weather, I don't like to heat the house up more by using the oven.

What kind of recipes do you use in the summertime that don't require reheating in an oven?



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There isnt much I can think of. You can have things to go in the microwave (if you have one) like chili or stew but it often to hot to want that kind of meal. I find burritos in the freezer are good, I make some beef, bean, chicken, and also chicken wings. Most things can be re-heated in the microwave just like using your oven they just dont usually taste as good. I make lots of stovetop dishes in the summer (pasta, skillet meals), Lots of salads of all types, Use the BBQ for meat or fry, but of coarse none of that is a freezer meal.

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Does the oven heat up the house more than the stove top? I guess that's because the oven tends to be on for longer than a stove top burner. If you have a vac-sealer you can make things to boil-in-bag to reheat, but boiling that long would heat up a room too.
Can you grill outdoors? If you use foil packets or a dutch oven and indirect charcoal cooking with a lidded grill, you can really bake out in the backyard. Your typical freezer meals would work. Bake potatoes or potato wedges with or without foil on the grill.
I've seen something in the stores that is a veggie combo packaged for the grill, so surely you can duplicate things like that to keep in the freezer.

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How about a Nesco, you could sit it out side.

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