UtOH! Is the hamburger bad?

MichelleMay 30, 2001

I went to the store in Friday night (930pm) and

bought a couple packs of hamburger. I wasnt able

to put it in the freezer until Sunday at noon ( I cut

it up into separate baggies). When I went to put it

into the freezer, I noticed that the top of the beef is a brown color. Is it bad now or

is it because the air got to it. Please help.

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Nah....it's not bad...just a little air got to it. Does it smell bad....

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Bad? ehhh well, beef never smells good to me. But it didnt make me gag or anything. It's pink on the inside.

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Dark on the outside and pink on the inside is a sign that bacteria got to the meat, pink on the outside and brown on the inside is a good sign. Plus I would never eat any meat that was in the fridge for more than 3 days. especially hamburger (at grocery stores burger it is often made with reduced price sale meat which of coarse is good (all I ever buy) but not for more than a day or two). I know all of this since my mother managed a major US meat company for 20 years.

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I think it would be fine. We were at a party once and were talking to a meat inspector and he told us that the steak in the meat section that is browner is far better than the bright red one. We did not know that. It just means that it has cured longer.

BUT, here is the thing, for the cost of the hamburger, if you are not comfortable with it smell, looks or otherwise,
Throw it out. It has been my experience that it will spoil your whole meal by thinking about it when you cook it.

good luck

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I know this is an old posting but I wanted to say that meat that is dark on the outside pink on the inside means the meat had oxidized with AIR, not that bacteria has gotten to it. The reason meat remains bright red in the package is the package is air tight. Many areas if the world would not even consider selling meat before it has oxidized.

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I have cooked hamburger many times that has been in the refrigerator for several days and is brown on the outside. It has never been bad or spoiled.

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