Warning for electronic croc-pot owners.

atgepMay 11, 2002

I just wanted to raise awareness to a very serious hazzard on the newer smart crock pots. I purchased a new one this year to replace an outgrown version. I found that the aluminum trim ring at the top has a razor sharp edge on it. Being a man I knew it was only a matter of time before I wound up in the ER . I returned it and found all of them to have the same problem. I settled for another brand that has very smooth edges. Take care, Atgep.

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how odd that they are sharp.

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This must be a trend in small appliances. I had to return a toaster oven because in taking it out of the box, it slipped and sliced through my palm. The back bottom edge was extremely sharp. I reported it to the mfg and the govt safety-recall branch.

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