Does anyone know?

CindyUTMay 21, 2001

How to spruce up can spaghetti sauce? I bought a case of Hunts spaghetti sauce. I usually add a little Italian seasoning but it still needs something more.

Any sugestions? Thanks


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Hi Cindy. I have used Hunts many times and what I do is saute a little onion, garlic and peppers and italian seasoning just like if you were making spagetti sauce. Takes only a few minutes and adds a lot. Depending on how I am going to use it, I might even put in some ground beef. I also add just a tad of sugar when I am cooking it.

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I use a seasoning that I can only find at Sam's. It is called "Tones Spicy Spaghetti Seasoning". It doesn't contain oregano like the usual Italian seasonings. I cook spaghetti every year for a fund raiser (400 servings) and use this faithfully. No complaints. Only lots of compliments!

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I to ad sauted items to my cans sauces. I usually saute ground beef, onions, mushrooms, minsed fresh garlis, and seasonings. Makes the taste pop

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I always put in a dash of Worstershire sauce and a dash of tobasco. It really makes the sauce good.

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Finely grind about half a teaspoon of fennel seed and add it. That is the secret to Italian cooking. You don't taste the fennel, but you sure can taste the difference.

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Is there a secret to getting rid of that "tin can" taste?

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