where to buy freezer paper?

minetMay 14, 2004

Hi, never posted here before, but thought you all might have ideas on where to buy freezer paper. I want to freeze cuts of meat and I don't want to use plastic bags or containers. My mom used to wrap things up in heavy white freezer paper that she could write on with a marker.

I've been looking in the stores and haven't found anything. Just checked a restaurant supply store, and while they had sandwich wrap, it was quite thin.

Anyone here use freezer paper?



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Just type "Freezer Paper" into one of the search engines and a whole lot of websites will appear. I see the Reynolds Company puts out a coated freezer paper. Guess any store that carries Reynolds products would get it for you, if they don't already have it on the shelf.

I, personally, have never used freezer paper. I use my FoodSaver vacuum and the heavy plastic bags. Would like to get a roll of the Reynolds, just to have on hand!

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Minet, I don't know if you're still looking for freezer paper, but I buy a big roll of it at Sams when I need to. I think Costco might have it as well. I even have it on a roller so I can tear off as much as I need, and will use it for everything from preparing meat to wrapping gifts.

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You can get it at Walmart

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