Have you heard of this sink company?

treasureAKFebruary 3, 2013

Found this company on the web after 2 months of looking around at sinks. Dante Stainless is out of NC. What do you make of them? Couldn't find any reviews online but they claim high quality products and faucets seem well made too. Prices are pretty good. Any red flags? It sounded as if they are doing their own manufacturing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dantestainless

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Which model of their sinks are you interested in? I've never heard of the company, but there are several GWer's who have bought sinks with no-name at all for a bargain on eBay and been very happy, and this website looks a lot better than those eBay listings!

The only thing that would give me pause is if I were buying a single-bowl rectangular sink -- the Dante Stainless has a center drain rather than an offset drain. I prefer an offset drain because it allows you to set larger things down in the sink without covering the drain, and it allows more room under the sink for storage because your plumbing isn't right in the middle of the cabinet. Having said that, the price is so great, only you can decide if you'd rather spend more for another brand's stainless sink with an offset drain.

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modern life interiors


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Yes, great point and in fact that is what I have been searching for...an offset drain! I was looking at the kidney shaped one, maybe even the smaller d-shaped one. Kohler makes a series called undertone that has the kidney style sink and they are 18 gauge for a whole bunch of money. I added the link, they look quite graceful installed.
I have some requirements from my husband.
It has to be stainless steel and the classic radius (no sharp corners) so he can do the concrete counter work around. He'd like for me to spend only $400 but we'll see how that goes!
I'd like 16gauge and offset drain. I really like the curves of Blanco's stainless steel performa sink but it is at 18g and $666. I found a similar one by whitehaus for I think $350 but its steel is 18/8. Is that a big deal?
I'm almost considering the d-shaped 23" sink from Krause that comes as a combo with faucet and strainer because it has an offset drain but my heart would really like a larger sink.
I might call this Dante Stainless tomorrow. It would be interesting to find out if they are the manufacturer. Maybe they can do a custom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler undertone

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The Dante Stainless prices are quite good, especially for 16 gauge sinks. I would be a little careful with a brand that you never hear of, and that is not sold at any of the major stores though. Make sure they have an easy return policy, and you have enough time with your contractor to return the sink and order a different one if it doesn't meet your expectations when you receive it.

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