Freezing Turkey?

TracyMay 2, 2001

Hello everyone, my Mom bought alot of deli turkey today, & we was wondering,
would it be ok if she freezes it? Would there much of a difference if any in the taste?
Thanks for your help!
God Bless

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Tracy, you cn freeae it without a problem. I freeze turkey and ham. Sometimes it is a little damper than usual when it thaws but I just roll it in paper towel and that takes care of it. No Problemo!

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Thanks so much for your help!!!!
God Bless

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I find that the texture is poorly affected when you freeze pe-sliced meat. This is true of deli meat, and even of regular chicken from a home-roasted chicken. Freezing just seems to degrade the texture, at least to my tastebuds.

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