Chicken Fajitas

MichelleMay 4, 2001

Someone asked me to post how I make chicken fajitas... I don't make the sauce from scratch, but here's how I do it, if interested...

I doubled the whole shebang--so I had a soup pot so full that I couldn't stir it! LOL! I had to transfer some into another pot.

We try to go heavy on the veggies, so you can adjust ingredients to your liking.

This, when doubled, made (I think) 6-7 meals for hubby and me.

Freezes beautifully.


1 lb chicken boneless breast, cut up

4 Red Peppers, sliced

2 Green Peppers, sliced

(You can use any color you like)

2 Onions, sliced

1/4 cup of this sauce--find it in ethnic foods--bright aqua label. Whole title:

"World Harbors,

Guadalupe Mountain,

Mexican Style Fajita Sauce and Marinade."

Brown the chicken in a small amount of oil.

Add the peppers and onions and about 1/4 cup of the sauce.

(Warning: Don't go nuts on the sauce or it'll be too sweet. And, yes, it won't look like there's enough sauce--but the cooking veggies will add lots of extra juice to the sauce.)

Let everything cook till veggies are crisp-tender or how you like 'em.

Spoon into fajita shells or enjoy over rice.

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Sounds great!! I have to copy and paste this, and try it!!

Thx, for sharin'


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Thanks, I love anything wrapped in a tortilla....

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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the recipe. To freeze, do you just spoon everything in 6 different bags? And then to cook, just let unfreeze on it's own?



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