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netsircMay 11, 2006

I recently started once a month cooking so I don't have a system down pat yet! A couple of weeks ago, I bought 12 pounds of chicken because it was on sale for $1.69 a pound. Without thinking, I stuck it in the freezer, because I didn't have time to prepare all the marinades, etc.

It just struck me that it isn't OK to defrost the chicken, trim it, add the marinade and refreeze it!

So now I'm not sure what to do with all this chicken. Should I scrap my cook ahead plan and just use it as I need it? Can I freeze the marinades seperately? Can I partially thaw the meat and trim it? Should I just dump the marinades into a freezer bag with the frozen chicken? I'd rather not sacrifice the taste of the meat if I can help it!

Thank you!

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You can defrost it all and make a huge pot of chicken soup. I prefer stewing hens for chicken soup but since those are hard to find, I usually end up using chicken.

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if you are careful to "not" let the chicken get below about 35 degrees when you thaw it out you should be able to refreeze. I say this because i used to work for a chef in the city where i live.

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You certainly can freeze chicken in marinades, and this actually helps prevent freezer burn. I usually make a very large amount of marinade at a time (in the blender), and if I have a lot of chicken parts, I put the amount I want to cook in separate freezer bags with some of the marinade and freeze them that way. Make sure you label what kind of marinade it is. Excess marinade can be frozen by itself as well.


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