CL lesson learned; less is more

jjamJanuary 24, 2014

I fell in love with some CL tables and a chair yesterday. Once I got the measurements I was a little concerned about the height of the tables. They are 20" high; where my current coffee table is about 16" high. I thought they would be ok because they have glass tops, and when I saw them, I fell in love and bought them even though there was a tiny element of doubt; only for their size.

I got them home and I'm afraid my first instincts were correct. These photos are not the best, but you can compare the new tables to my current one.

Here is my current table. (I also bought the chair to the left of my desk. Also fell in love!)

Here is the same set up with the new tables:

As some of you know, I've also been considering some cane back chairs for my LR, so I tried them, too.

Please ignore the mess and pillow placement, etc. I wanted to get these photos taken quickly and then put the new CL stuff away for now.

I think I acted too quickly and was kind of infatuated with the tables....and then saw the chair too and loved it! I still love all of what I got, but honestly think they are too much for my space. My LR has a 5 ft grand piano on the opposite wall, so the seating area can get crowded in a hurry.

I think my purchases today will likely be re-listed on CL.

So lesson learned; trust your gut, and sometimes less IS more!

Here is a link that might be useful: CL cocktail tables

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I own those same tables; I think I paid somewhere around $900 for the pair. How do you always find these great Craigslist deals?

It should be easy to resell.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

The new tables look like a perfect size to use as side tables for the sofa-or one of them at least. The table you have to the side now looks too low. Have you tried it with your old cocktail table and one of the new ones next to the sofa?

I still love those caned chairs!

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dee, quick question. Do you have tall ceilings in the room where you have these tables? I have 8 ft ceilings and maybe I'm just used to the lower profile coffee table, but the height of these made me feel like they were crowding the space.

I was surprised to see these on CL. I paid $250 for the pair so they were not being given away but the current cost online is $629 each so I thought the price was good. They have a couple of imperfections but nothing you can see or notice.

I love them, just not in my room. I wish I could find another spot for them but they scream Living Room to me and I only have one!

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thanks, I will try that. My photos are so bad it's amazing that you could see the side table so well. I am kind of torn about that table because it has a pink marble top and is cool IRL. But I can see that one of the new tables would probably work there. I will give it a try.

I was wavering on the caned chairs, so that's why I brought the new one home. But the more I look at them the more I think they are the right fit for the space.

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Do they create any functional problem for you? If not, and you like them, I'd keep them. Don't be afraid to break some "rules." I think they look fine.

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Yes, I do have cathedral ceilings in my room. Previously, I had a round cherry and glass Lexington table, but wanted to lighten up the room. I looked and looked for a warm metal table that wasn't brassy. I've loved these. I'd keep them a while; you can always resell later.

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I love them bunched like that. I would use them in the same way you are showing them. I used a tea table in front of my sofa as a cocktail (tea) table. I don't think height matters as long as it works for you. I would keep them and use them and store the other table and switch them around from time to time. I have 3 cocktail tables and bring them in and out of storage so I get a fresh look.

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They are so wonderful! You MUST keep them for a while to get used to them. Look at them in the room settings in your link, where the sofa they are in front of looks to be close to the height of yours.

My coffee table is only 16" high, too, but I wouldn't mind it taller, and my house is a 1937 cape with 7.5' ceilings. This is the day it arrived from eBay, so just plopped there with no accessories yet. I still love it, 6 years later. Love yours, too!

Check the link below and see a variety of heights of coffee tables in the Cote de Texas blog. Pics will take a while to load, but DO check them out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cote de Texas Coffee Tables 101

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I may be the only one to say this, but I like your original chairs the best. The room looks so warm with them in it.

Just my opinion. I hope no one gets mad at me.

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I love your new tables and the cane chairs. I would remove the side table though.

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Holly- Kay

I love your new tables! I also think they look fine and I would think the additional height would add functionality (easier to reach items on the table). I would buy them from you in a minute if I thought shipping costs wouldn't be prohibitive! I just received a quote from a shipping company for a small skid of parts that I needed to ship and it was just a tad under $600.

As much as I love your cane chairs (I covet a pair for myself) I have to agree with AK that I like the current chairs even more. I think they add a touch of stateliness to your beautiful room. I could move right in to that room and be quite happy.

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I agree: Love the old and the new chair (first and second pic). Their seat height seems to go better with your sofa. I also love your new tables and would definitely keep them.

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I like your original chair and the new one. The cane chairs' backs are too low. I think a round or oval table would work best as a side table next to your sofa. The square table doesn't really seem to fit well in that spot. I'd live with the new tables for a while. They're very nice and it may be that you just have to get used to the new height.

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I love those tables. If you were closer, I'd be offering to buy them from you. I like a taller coffee/cocktail table.

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Thanks for your ideas and responses, everyone......and for talking me off the ledge LOL!

I will definitely keep them awhile. It may be that my eyes just need to adjust, and 3dogs, after seeing all of those high cocktail tables in the blog (thank you!) these look better.

I think my old table looks better with the cane back chairs, and the new tables look best with the new/old chairs.

So I think I need to make a decision on what piece or pieces mean the most and work around that. I've got to go sing at a wedding this afternoon so can't get caught up in playing with these too much today, but I will do it next week. I already took the suggestion so many of you made to eliminate the side table I already have, and it looks much better. I brought one of the new tables down from the attic, and my eye is adjusting to that now, especially since the side table is gone.

I do agree that the tables are pretty darn awesome and not something you see every day......that's what makes this so hard!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Interesting...I actually prefer the higher tables with the higher chairs, but I think the issue is when you change both...higher tables and lower chairs, then the contrast is too much.

I'd either keep the higher table with the higher chairs or go back to the lower table with the lower chairs....

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Annie, I think you nailed it. That's why I was so stymied when I brought them into the room. I didn't realize how much of a difference it would make, particularly with the glass tops.

I've got two good options, the way I see it. If the room had a tall ceiling I wouldn't hesitate and go for the higher profile pieces. But I'll give it some time. Maybe some more editing is in order to keep the space from feeling crowded.

I've learned to pay close attention to height when adding pieces to a room. A floor plan (unless it's 3D) doesn't show it well, and it matters.

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I really like the new tables with the unmatched chairs. I like the caned chairs a lot, just not so much in your room. I think they take the room in a more "matronly" direction. The clean lines of the new tables do just the opposite. Love your taste, and I think you made a great purchase!

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I like the new taller tables with the original chairs with the taller backs.

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Nice score, I love those tables! I will echo a few of the others - I like the new tables with the first set of chairs. I like the cane back chairs, but not in this particular space. Lovely room!

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I think the tables look fine and aren't too high..... Live with them for a week or two...they just look odd because you're not used to them yet.

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I think we all agree, new tables go best with old chairs. Old table with cane chairs. Lucky you, it all looks wonderful!

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