freezing cabbage and onions?

LaurieMay 23, 2001

Hi all... I posted this question on the cooking site, but havent gotten an answer on it. Last night I fried up some cabbage and onions and had some leftovers not used in the recipe. I put them in a freezer bag and tossed them into the freezer, but Im unsure if they will keep in there. Will they turn to mush once I thaw them? And how long are they able to be kept in the freezer? Can anyone help? TIA

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If they are uncooked I always do that and use the extra in soups of casseroles but cooked I imagine would be the same since even if they are tender anything can go in soup.

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oops I posted you back on 2 sites I thought maybe the first one I must not have hit submit then realized I was on another forum

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