HollyMay 13, 2001

Hi all!

I usually am only ambitious enough to cook once a week or batch cook, but when it comes to breakfasts I am able to cook enough for a month.

Muffins are easy to make and they freeze well, so when my kids are getting ready for school there is plenty of time to "nuke" a muffin in the microwave and have a breakfast on the run. Works as a great breakfast for me too.

For the past two months "M'egg muffins" have been a popular breakfast at my house. It all started when my local grocery store started giving away free items for a certain dollar amount purchased. One week they were giving away free eggs and english muffins for buying $30 worth of groceries. I toasted the muffins, cooked fried eggs (broke yoke), "nuked" Jimmy Dean precooked sausage patties - then I started an assembly line = muffin with egg, sausange, and slice of cheese. These have been a lifesaver, and I can't tell you how inexpensive compared to the fast-food breakfasts my kids

"think" they want. These freeze beautifully!

Quiche is a great item for brunch or breakfast that freezes well too. These are great to have on hand when after working all week, I want to sleep in on the weekend.

Here's an easy recipe for a quiche, it's a great way to use chopped ham that has been cooked from OAMC ham:

"Souper" Easy Quiche-

4 eggs 1 C. shredded sharp cheddar

1 can condensed 1/2 C. diced cooked ham

cheddar cheese soup 1/2 C.cooked chopped broccoli

1/2 C. light cream 1 unbaked 9-inch pie crust

ground nutmeg

1)In medium bowl, beat eggs until foamy. Gradually add soup

and cream;mix well.

2)Sprinkle cheese, ham and broccoli evenly over piecrust.

Pour soup mixture over all. Sprinkle w/nutmeg.

3)Bake @ 350*F for 50 minutes or until center is set. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

This serves 6 and freezes well.


Holly in WI

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I love the Souper Quiche recipe...gonna try it this week...Thanks

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Have to say ditto on the egg mcmuffin's. I've been making my own too and they do freeze great - just microwave them and it's a great quick breakfast. I too layed out the english muffins sliced in half, fried the eggs after beating them, fried the sausage rounds (drained on paper towel to get off any excess grease) and a slice of cheese, put all together and freeze each individually. Wonderful and doesn't take that long to make either.


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Holly and Darlene.......I have read that frozen egg tends to get rubbery and was wondering if you found this to be true or not?

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I make sure that I use fried eggs with the yolk cooked enough that it isn't runny. The texture, I would say, is pretty close to the texture of the eggs used in McDonald's egg mcmuffins. We love them!

Truth be told, a batch of 24 often doesn't make it past 2 weeks in our household, so I find I make them twice a month. Maybe that is the reason why we don't notice a "funky" texture.

Let me know how it works for you,
Holly in WI

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I tried making and freezing egg mc'muffins. I made a bunch and couldn't get them to reheat right. I tried re-heating them in the microwave and the English Muffins got very hard. When I put them in the oven, the whole thing dried out. What's the trick????

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I've used the microwave, toaster oven and oven to reheat. I prefer toaster oven and oven. I leave the "sandwich" in foil and place in oven to warm.

I do lightly butter the muffins before assembling. This may prevent the dryness. Again, key word is lightly, otherwise you have a greasy muffin. :)

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share the muffin recipe

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The muffins I was referring to in my last post, were English Muffins. I have not tried making them from scratch, though I know it can be done. I find them really inexpensive at my grocery store, so I don't see the need at this time. I bet someone here does have that recipe though.

In my first post I mentioned that "muffins" were easy to freeze and they are! At that time I was referring to muffins made from a batter and baked in muffin tins. I make tons of those! If you would like some of those recipes, I would be happy to post a few. Maybe that would make a good subject of posting. "Best Muffin Recipes!"

Holly in WI

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Yes, Holly, please post your "Best Muffin Recipes". I absolutely love muffins - they are quick, easy and always yummy!!! I'll dig up a couple of my favorites to add to your post!

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On the frozen egg mcmuffins, I had good luck making the friend eggs, crisp bacon (won't be crisp anymore once reheated in the microwave though), lightly buttered english muffin and american cheese (edges folded over so that they aren't hanging off all around the muffin). I wrapped them individually in waxed paper and put them in a ziploc freezer bag. To reheat, I unwrapped the waxed paper, wrapped lightly in a paper towel, and nuked in the microwave for 1 min 45 seconds for one sandwich.

While they're not *quite* as good as freshly-made, the eggs aren't rubbery, the english muffin is soft, and they taste great!

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