Pocket Door Lockset with 3 3/8' backset

msfidgetFebruary 8, 2009

We have a pocket door circa 1890 that needs a lockset with a 3 3/8" backset. it can be larger, like 3.5" or so, but no smaller. Face plate should be 8" tall. I've found tons of them with 2" - 3" backsets, but nothing greater. I know it exists because I have one, but need two. I think I've combed the internet and ebay and I'm not having any luck. Perhaps there is a stone unturned that someone can recommend?

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Did you look at Crown City Hardware?

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Many architectural salvage places don't list all of their inventory on their websites, and some carry a lot of hardware. If you google "architectural salvage near (city)" you will get names of businesses. I have not tried them before, but Discovery Architectural Antiques in Gonzales, TX, is huge--I plan to use them as a source of last resort for matching my rosettes. Old House Parts in ME and Historic House Parts in NY also come to mind. I think they all do this through email.

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Circus Peanut

I was just at The Old House Parts Company on Friday, and they do have an enormous collection of hardware - just drop them a line?

Another online source to contact might be Robinson's Hardware?

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Thank you so very much for the recommendations. I had already tried a couple of the sources mentioned before, but I'm going to keep digging. If anyone thinks of any other place, please post and I'll check them out. Thanks again!

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cool circus, we move in the same circles...or should I say, rings :-) Doncha love the people at old house parts? I'll never forget the time the guy found a skeleton key to fit a lock for me: now that's patience! And the cat--such a bonus (the shop cat has tortishell fur, and when he lies on his side, the pattern plainly spells the word JOY. I gotta snap a picture of that next time I'm up there.) ooops! major hijack, it seems to be happening more frequently as I age...


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Circus Peanut

Napoleon! He's the greatest cat ever! (And yes, you and I might be separated at birth. :) Have we seen any pix of your kitchen/house?)

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If the doors are painted you can fill in the present holes and move them to dimensions you can find parts for.

It is even possible to patch stained doors, though making grain and color match can take some real work (like painting matching grain on the wood).

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