Kitchen Window placement

mirucaFebruary 3, 2013

This design is modeled after mpagamom's kitchen - although her cabinets were white. The cabinets along the long side are a bit different also, which brings me to my question about whether it looks odd or off kilter that the kitchen window has unequal wall space on either side of the window.

To give a better idea of the space here are a couple of more pics. The three upper cabinets that come to the counter will likely have glass on the upper part and not a drawer at the counter.

And here is the plan layout:

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May have posted too early in the day .. bumping...hoping to get some comments on this .. to finalize placement and sink placement. My eyes have grown too familiar with it to make the call.

Thank you for the help!

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I am not a design or layout maven. I don't mind the unequal wall space, but there's something about that skinny cabinet on the left that does bug me and I think it accentuates the unequal space.

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Thank say it and I see it...just too darn close to it to see on my own.

Do you think it is the width of the cabinet or the cabinet itself?

In two pics below I've adjusted the width to match the other "to the counter cabinet"; in one I left the window uncentered and the other I tried to center it (the outer windows are also 2" narrower each due to program issues).

Part of my dilema is that centering the window changes the bottom cabinet layout - I lose a nice 15" pullout for garbage on one side of the sink.

Urghh...just too close and perhaps too vested in the bottom cabinet layout ... I want it to work and maybe it just doesn't.

Below is the centered version:

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