boiling burger is great, but has anyone tried bulk sausage?

BrendaMay 18, 2001

I would like to try and boil up some bulk sausage and freeze it but dont want to ruin it, I tried some links and dkd not like the way they turned out, so if anyone has done sausage successfully I would love to know. thanks,

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Brenda: Go back to page 3 or 4. There was a discussion about it then. I intend to put a lb of hot sausage in with my gr. beef for extra flavor.

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Learn something new every day. I've always browned my hamburgh. I never heard of boiling it. What is the advantage? How does the taste compare to browning? Do you just take a pound or whatever of hambugh and place it in boiling water,or do you start it in cold water?

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Just put it in boiling water. I am sure it doesn't even matter but I was told to bring the water to a boil and then put it in so that is the way I do it. You can season the water if you like, salt, pepper, spices etc.....I have only heard of one person that said her DH didn't like the taste. I can't really tell the difference but then I always use mine with seasonings like for tacos, sloppy joes, enchiladas, or in a casserole. The important difference is in the fat content. Bioling it will take sooooooooo much fat out of it.....Just try it once, you have nothing to use.

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I have never tried boiling bulk sausage but I do boil the links. I can't see where there would be any difference, it is still just ground beef. I boil the sausage before I use it in spagetti sauce even, just to get rid of lots of the fat.

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I'm not the CHEF that the rest of you are. When you boil the hamburger, do you break it up in the water into little granules? Then do you strain the water out with a fine holed metal strainer?

And if you freeze it in little baggies, how do you prevent freezer burn if one possibly forgets (like I might)?

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