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mzdeeMay 6, 2001

I don't think we've done this yet. How about a week's menu involving once a week cooking? Maybe for starters, some ground beef, a roast chicken with a list of "stretcher meals" or leftover dishes? This is a real challenge for me with hot weather upon us. I'd love to hear your ideas.

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Okay...I have been waiting for people to start responding to this before I jumped in but I have a busy week planned so I am going to rely on things on hand so here is what my plans are..........I am sure I will add to and substract before it is over and done with but the plans are......

Sunday..Cooked big pork butt for dinner...w/3 bags for freezer

Monday...Sticky chicken....cooking tomorrow for dinner and two for the freezer.Got it in the fridge marinating with the spices now.

Tuesday...Stuffed Peppers.....Ground Meat cooked already and waiting in freezer. Twice baked potatoes in freezer stock.

Wed.....pork from the sunday roast sauteed with peppers and onions served in a flour tortilla with mexican side dishes ...beans in freezer

Thursday..Chicken and yellow rice...Sticky chicken from Monday and I'll do the yellow rice that night.

Friday...Probably won't be home going to Cape Cod for the weekend but if so will probably have Spagetti Pie from one of last weeks cooking days ......

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I "crockpot cooked" this past weekend. I'm still recuperating from this past winter's gas bills :)
Anyway, I used the cooking bags in the crockpot (I have 2) and was able to cook a few items at the same time. Heres what I did:
In one crockpot, I place a seasoned pork roast with veggies in a cooking bag. I put it on the bottom. Then I used a smaller cooking bag and put in whole green beans with sliced green, red, and yellow peppers. In a second crock pot, I cooked chorizo(sp?) sausages with peppers. Put all this stuff on and went to church. When I came home, the aroma was mouth watering! Here's what the family is eating this week (I eat what they eat, minus starches and sweets)
Sunday Dinner
Pork roast with veggies, rice, and garlic bread
Chorizo sausages (drained fat), pasta, green salad
BBQ pork sandwiches, coleslaw (I use preshredded coleslaw mix)
Upside Down Night (waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon)
Sausage subs (last of the chorizo), oven baked french fries
Its anybody's guess.......

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My pork butt and the chicken both came out really good so we had our meals and I have four extra meals cooked/frozen plus I had a pork sandwich for lunch. I am already thinking how good pork barbecue will be.

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