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Jane in CTMay 11, 2001

I'm a SAHM 10 year veteran homeschooler who is trying to learn to be a OAWC. I've recently discover this forum and love it. I am not quite a OAWC yet but am starting to get closer. With our large family of 7 I'm starting to think ahead. Like when I make a batch of rice for a meal I will double it and put it in the fridge to use in a stir fried meal a couple of days later. When I cook in my crock pots (I do try to think ahead and get them both working at the same time) I like to make big batches and reheat the remainder for a side dish for another meal. But most of all I find that if I don't freeze the extras or *mark them* for another meal that my family will just eat it away at lunch time or just for a snack, With 4 of my 5 kids being growing sons homeschooling they think that the leftovers are free for the taking, there is little that can saved :o)) I still have a lot to learn :::grin:::

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Hi Jane...Welcome. Sounds like you have the right idea. Perhaps as one of your homeschool classes you could have the kiddos, select recipes, do shopping lists, shop, and prepare the meals. I bet they would get a kick out of it.

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My dd, age 16, is quite capable in the kitchen. She covers for me when I do the chauffer(sp) thing. I like the idea you suggested about having them select recipes, do the shopping lists, and shop... hmmm, though it sounds a little scary to think what they would actually do :o)) at the market. I am always looking for a way that they can help me. Sometimes I can stand them in the kitchen, other times, watch out! lol My 4th born, day before yesterday told dh that he wanted to make him and 19yobrother breakfast before they go to work. Soo, 5:45a. I'm up and son and I are cooking. Good thing I'm a morning bird. And good thing dd took care of the dishes. Thank God.

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When I was growing up, my mother would tape notes ("DO NOT EAT!!!")on things she did not want us to eat. It usually worked.

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Kirsten's Mom and mine must have talked. "DO NOT EAT" was on tons of stuff over the years.

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YES, you must teach your sons to cook and shop, if you haven't already! i will love my mom-in-law forever for this one. my husband is a wonderful cook. he doesn't cook very often, mind you, but neither do i, and he appreciates it when i do because he knows what goes into planning and cooking and budgeting and all the rest. i promise your future daughters-in-law will be eternally grateful if you do this. plus it teaches math skills in the 'real world'. *heh* in fact, i wish my mom had taught ME... saved a lot of trial and error. =)

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Jane.......how is your OAWC coming along? Are you enjoying it...How about your kiddos......did you get them to help?

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Since I posted the end of May our school schedule has ended and our vacation scedule has been action (read, we had lots of fun with little planning ;) Now that homeschool is in and we are home regularly I was just planning to start teaching Ds (age 14) along with the younger Ds's ages 11, & 10. I also think cooking during fall and winter months will be more enjoyable as compared to the hot humid summer months.

I have been able to make weekly menus for the past month, month and a half. These menus include all meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sticking to it is a challenge, doubling meals a goal! Last week I prepared 3 out of 7 meals planned. I hope that this week that I can prepare more and have Ds's prepare one meal this week.

Preparing parts of meals and freezing them is much more reasonable for our size family than trying to double complete meals. Quantity, it's like preparing for a banquet with our large family ;) though I keep trying.

Thanks for asking!
Mom of 5, ages: 19b,17g,14b,11b,10b
plus the additional teenagers who likes to hang around

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