How do YOU 'freeze-out' the fickle eaters?

talkingflowerMay 26, 2002

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have never used my freezer a whole lot, but, now it seems that, at my house, we're all on different times and have different whims. We're ALL fickle!

So, I plan to make a few more things that can be pulled out of the freezer.

What are your favorites freezer tricks?

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I love to make burritos. I do some with refried beans, some with beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato and onion, some I make as chicken wing wraps (posted my recipe link for those). I also make the same sauce I use for the wraps and pour over chickenwings to freeze. Do a large lasagna and cabbage rolls and freeze in individual containers. I make bunches of soups & stews (vegetable, beef, pea, fish chowder, chili etc...), freeze cooked hamburgers so they just have to be heated in the microwave and put on buns. Shephers pie and meatloaf are good too. DH works away from home so I make these things and freeze them individually for him and his roomates for after work. They love everything and it doesnt take much time to do a thing or two a week.

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Oops forgot my link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicken Wing Wraps

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Thanks...sounds yummy!

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At our house we have the rule we all try everything at least once--and if you dont want to eat it then its peanut butter--I dont short order cook--we have about 50 meals that everyone likes and maybe 3 or 4 that some dont like--we have 7 kids and have really worked on everyone liking what is cooked--mine are all vege and salad eaters---

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I make a huge pot of chili and freeze it. I get 6 or 7 of those packets of McCormick chili spice, a #10 can of sauce, a #10 can of beans, 7 lbs of ground meat (beef or turkey), some chopped onions (prechopped found in the frozen food section). Brown the onions with the meat and prepare the rest just as it says on the spice packet. This makes something like 15 - 20 mason jars of chili which tastes great even after being in the freezer for months.

I also make large quantities of chicken soup and freeze it in mason jars. One more suggestion: make the largest turkey or turkey breast you can find and then slice it up and wrap in individual sized servings. Take out for sandwiches or to throw in salads.

You might also be able to make your own "healthy choice" style meals if you have dishes with separate compartments. You can make some kind of flavored rice or pasta (I haven't had good luck freezing potatoes), in another compartment put your choice of vegetable combo, and in the main compartment put whatever meat/gravy you have handy.

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All great ideas!

I'm definitely going to freeze some cut-up chicken for salads, since that's a favorite. A lot of times, we don't want a huge meal but just 'something,' like a salad but with a bit extra.

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What about putting some of your family members in charge of cooking the meal? They would decide the menu, purchase the needed items, cook and serve the meal, and let others in the family clean up. If you took turns, everyone would share in the decision making, cooking and clean up. It may seem like more work for you at first, but in the long run your family might be more self sufficient and appreciate your efforts more. Might be worth a try? .....T.

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Well, we have added hubby to the grill, since it's been too hot for much indoor cooking. So, that's his specialty. My daughter (17, working for the summer) is a bit negative about cooking, though she's trying some more sewing, lately.

Me, I don't like help in the kitchen, any more than I would want help in composing a poem. (Unless, of course, it was a group poem!) If it's me cooking or baking, I want to do it all myself!

That's a good idea, though, and maybe I will try to get my daughter to make something for us all or for an event. Something that's her specialty, maybe.

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Thought I'd bump up this old thread. Now that my kids aren't little and work schedules have us in and out of the house at all times I not only depend on my freezer but more on my crock pot.

The freezer allows me to save money and time and the crock pot is a true convenience!

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