Okay ladies, what do I do now?

vicki - ILMay 22, 2001

All right - I bought a small freezer yesterday, where do I go from here? I have started boiling the ground beef instead of browning it in a skillet, and now I'm ready to do the once a month cooking thing. I'm just not sure what do to first. Any suggestions will be more than appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!

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My suggestions.. Start small...Instead of cooking for a month...cook for 1 week or two weeks. You could also choose to do a ground beef day or ckicken day etc instead of making both on the same day. There are many ways to tweak this plan.

check out all the oamc websites and this BB and read over the recipes....go through your recipes that you all normally like and you cook often. Choose the ones that will freeze well. Pick out a reasonable number of recipes. don't go overboard. For instance instead of cooking 10 separate ground beef recipes, it might be better to cook the gb and just have it frozen ready to use in different recipes.

Make a shopping list... plan how to occupy your children if you have little ones on cooking day...see if you can find a buddy who is interested in helping you...

Go shopping, put everything away and rest. Choose your cooking day and get ready.

Day before you cook (or evening) get ready and do those things that you can get done ahead of time...like chopping onions, peppers, etc. Get something started in the crockpot...two if you have them. Get as much rest as possible. Get your utensils out and ready...pots..bowls..colanders, large spoons etc...

Cooking day...Get an early start and try to cook things in order. If you are doing chicken that has to be cooked and cooled get it on right away. (Good for the night before crockpot). Very important...Clean as you go. f you have a teenager that can help...wonderful. Make a routine for yourself............

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I'm with Ruthie on this one. My back gets to hurtin' so bad if I try to do too much at once. I try to pick the best meat deal at the grocery store for the week and but a lot of that. Then I cook it all up. Usually one thing for that night, and then a few more dishes for the freezer. I guess it is more batch cooking than OAMC, but it works for me. For example, if it is the ground beef, I will cook it all up (isn't that boiling great!) and maybe make some hamburger patties for dinner that night. I will either just package the cooked beef as is, or sometimes with add taco seasoning, spaghetti sauce, etc., before freezing. If it sounds like you have too much to do at once, then you probably do. Try this batch cooking, first, and then if you feel that you can do more, then go for it! Be sure to have all of your freezing containers ready, so that you can clear away the items as they are finished. And definately clean as you go. Unles you have 30 pans that can sit in the sink. Then you will have to have cleanup day after you finish--haha.
Have fun!

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Thanks for your advice, ladies!! I want to also thank all of you for making this forum so interesting. If fact, it wasn't until after I was lurking around one day and found this forum that I even thought about doing this!! Like I've said, I'm already into boiling the hamburger, etc. Thanks again!!!

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I think the best advice is to just make it fun. Don't make it work. I get a real kick out of seeing those things going into the freezer and knowing they are there and waiting so I don't mind the cooking day at all. I am always tired but it gets easier after you have done it a few time. You will get a nice rythmn going and you will know what to do and in what order...make it fun...and don't forget to stop for lunch and the occasional cup of coffee.

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