Old Crock Pot ?'s

Gail MacApril 10, 2001

No! Not old crack pots! LOL! ; ) I am a stay-at-home-Mom with another on the way and dh is an apprentice so there is next to nothing here for extra cash in the budget. I have always wanted a crock pot and I am keeping my eye out at garage sales for one....along with an other crib he-he-he. My questions to you are....for a family of 4 how big should it be? How small could I get away with? Any old makes out there that are die hards? Takes a licking but keeps ticking? Any advice on lemons I should avoid? Any features I should look out for?

Any advice would be great.



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Gail I have two. One old run of the mill Rival from Wal-mart bought on sale for about $9.00. It works just fine and I use it often...disadvantage is that the crock doesn't come out so it's a pain in the butt to wash...The other has the removalable crock...basically the only difference. For a family of four with two little one almost any size will work. I don't have one of the really large ones and it might be nice to have for cooking lots of "extra" but with just two adults eating here I still get three easy meals from my pots.

After all that my answer is, If you see a pot at a good price snatch it up, who knows you might just get lucky and find another at some point and then you'll have two. Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!

P.S. The sizes are kind of standard too so you are not going to find any really small ones I don't think.

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Purchased a 3 quart to cook for 2 adults. It's great to have and very easy to use, but not large enough to cook extra for left overs (which we love). Also get the one with the removal inside, I didn't and now I'm sorry I didn't go the extra bucks. Also search crockpot cooking and you will come up with many websites for recipes.

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I love my old Rival, bought for 9.99 about 20 years ago. I use it on an average of once a week. It does not have the removable crock. . .gotta get one of those if this one dies LOL!

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I have a crock pot which is almost broken. Has anyone else seen this? It's a large Rival with a removable crock and a plastic lid. It's got off-low-high settings.

If I leave it on high, after four hours my spaghetti sauce isn't even simmering. It's "hot" (uncomfortable to touch)but not hot enough, I'm sure. On low it's just warm-like a good cup of tea.

I'm afraid to cook in it because after 6 hours my ground beef is still raw...

Does anyone have a fix? (around here a new one would cost me $50 if I got it on sale...)


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I have to admit Moira that I would be afraid to cook in it to. You might try contacting the Rival company...I am sure there must be an address on the web somewhere...maybe e-mail. Usually around the holidays like Mothersday and Christmas they have them on sale. another place to watch is Walgreens and some of the bigger pharmacys...They often have sales on small appliances. Haven't ever looked at the dollar store but that might be an option too.

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I had trouble with mine. Mine was a Proctor/Silex. I contacted them through their website and after a few e-mails determined that I should send mine back to them. For the cost of the postage I will be getting a brand new crockpot. Yippee! Here is Rival's website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Rival

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Check your local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. Around here, there is always a crockpot or two and they sell for $2-$4. I now have two and might possibly add a third just to keep around for the holiday cooking (perfect for keeping prepared stuffing, noodles, etc. warm). The older models are mine and I like the ones with the heavy glass lids rather than plastic.

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This doesn't really address your original question, but as a side note, you can use that broken crockpot for a yogurt maker! Check the temp with a cook's thermometer at low and high and use whichever setting works best. I can't remember the optimum temp for yogurt, but you can find it easily which a search on the net.
BTW, I got this tip from the Tightwad Gazette. I can't wait for one of my crockpots to go out so that I can try it LOL

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I have three crock pots. Two of the larger ones that the crock comes out of and one smaller one that the crock doesn't come out of. I would say go for the bigger one. I have four kids and there are times a large frozen roast or even a small ham hardly fits in it. One of mine was a wedding gift years ago the other two I bought at yard sales. I use them all the time. I like having extras because around here when someone dies we all take food to the family and I can take a nice hot pot of soup in my crock pot and all they have to do it plug it in. Having extras I don't worry about being without my crockpot and the family is usually thrilled with a hot meal. I use the address labels to mark my top, the crock and the base. I also write my name with permanent marker. You can usually pick crock pots up at yard sales around here for under $5.

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A few posts up I mentioned that I was sending my crock pot back to the manufacturer. Im so glad I did. Not only did they replace my crock pot they sent a better, larger (6 1/2 quarts), oval one with the removable inside! I thought I might have wasted the money on postage but this one is beautiful. I'm so glad I returned mine. It was only 3 years old, shouldn't have had problems. So if you have a chance to send it back I recommend it.

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My Rival removable crock pot did that when I first got it. I got it as a Christmas present from my mom. She wouldn't take it back where she got it. On high was like low but if I was in a hurry I wanted it to be hotter. I called the Rival company. This was before internet like in the early 80's they recomended sending it in to them just the base not the lid not the crock. They replaced it and sent me a new lid glass. I called them again and asked about returning the lid since I didn't need it but they said to keep it. I still have both lids and the crock pot. Love it and use it 1-2 times a week. Have had 2 of the smaller ones that the crock is not removable.

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Where can I obtain a Glass lid for a Rival removable Crock pot, In Canada.
Thanks to any one who has the info

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I gave away two crock pots and threw away another. I only use the Nesco roasters now. They're just so much better. But $50? Geez, check the discount department stores. Kmart, Target, Walmart all have cheap crockpots and electric roasters. You can order a Nesco 6 qt. from QVC for about $30.

But they're both great for roasts & potatoes!


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If you have a Big Lots or Odd Lots near you, check that out. I got a crock pot (removable crock) for $10. And Gail, where do you live? I have a crib you're welcome to!

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I have three crock pots, a 1 qt., 3 qt., and a 5 qt. -all Rivals - I still think they are the best. I've seen the 3 qt. size with a non-removable crock at Wal-mart for $10. If you see one at a thrift store or yard sale, ask to plug it in, put the lid on and leave it for 15 minutes while you look around. Check it and see if it truly works. Usually there is not much that goes wrong with the Rivals. My largest one is almost thirty years old and has only lost the lid knob, which I replaced with a porcelain cabinet knob. The 3 qt. size should suit you until the little ones get to be teenagers. I don't find the non-removable bases hard to clean. I just fill with hot water, let it sit a while, empty into the sink and scrub clean while I have it laying on its side opening into the sink. Teresa

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I am single and my 3 quart one is fine for me. I am able to put a small roast in it with a few veggies. I don't have room for veggies if I have a large roast. For a family your size, it would be okay for meals while the babies are little, but when they get bigger (or if you entertain alot), you may want to get a bigger one. It will make lots of spaghetti and chili, though, and I can easily bake 6 small potatoes.

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Believe me, this is good advice- get the biggest one you can! Also, it is imperative you get one with a removable crock! Every time you wash it you will be grateful!

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