old wood floor's need help!

reeree_naturalFebruary 24, 2008

Would any of you know how to fix wood flooring that has split on the outer edges and left Âchunks of missing wood in-between the wood planks? I have tried wood fill and stain, but it doesnÂt last. May be there is a better product?

We had our floors refinished a few years back, the floor guy shouldnÂt of sanded them down they way he did, it is more like a veneer now, so there is no strength to the wood. ( 120 years old) We would rip them up but we are planning to sell in a few months and want to try to fix the "bad spots" Have any of you ever experienced this? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!



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If there as thin as you say, you may not be able to "pass it off" to a new owner and may have to fix properly, not patch it, it before you sell. Wood filler or patching will only point out the problem.

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To do a full rip out and install a new floor would be very costly . We would never re-coup that money and would be a gift to the new owners..so I can't even entertain that. We were going to rip them out a few years back and do wide heart pine boards..never got to it as we did so much reno's as it is. The floor area is very large and that same flooring is the same in three rooms that kind of go into one another.. I guess I will call a floor expert and see if he can offer any help (to fix it)

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If there are just a few boards you could take them out and replace with new or if you have another place in the house that has the same wood but not in a noticable area (closet, under stairs, attic). It's a delicate process, but it can be done. Then you could sand down the new piece, stain it to match and finish.

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That is a great idea! I never thought of that..thanks!
Yes, it's just in a few spots. I was very up set back when the guy sanded them way too much. We had every plan to rip them. Now we are going to put the house on the market in a few months and have to do something.. Thanks once again, I appreciate it very much!

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