Lath, lathe, potato, potatoe

dmcevenueFebruary 21, 2013

No need to be rude columbusguy - it's only a spelling mistake.

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Time to move down.

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Only a spelling mistake--all too common an attitude these days. Why put any effort into things, the state will give us whatever we I shouldn't have to work too hard. I grant you that spelling is not the greatest evil our world faces, but it is sure evidence that our standards are dropping to the lowest common denominator...some day soon, we won't be able to read or write at all, merely get the information on video which the State deems appropriate.

America is losing, has lost, her place in the world because we try to please everyone and make them equal--that means moving the standard down to accomodate those of lesser capability. No one should be better than anyone else in any form, hence no penalty for failure--and no reward for success. Just the Marxist philosophy which has turned America into a Second, and soon to be Third Class nation.

Bread and Circuses, friends...only this time it isn't Christians being fed to the's the Intelligentsia and Progress.

Further, debsz5, it was not being rude, but frustrated by our current non-functional educational system...and I seem to understand from the replies there, that pretty much everyone took it in a lighter vein. The rude one, it strikes me, is posting an accusation against a fellow poster.

And by the way, there is NO SUCH WORD as 'potatoe'...Dan Quayle learned that a few years back the hard way. :)

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Columbusguy1, here is some advice you appear to need:
When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

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