I hope to see this board get going.

msnanApril 9, 2008

At this time and the economy in our country we need to share ideas and helpful hints, so we all need to work at this board.

I use to be here a few years ago and just driffted away, but now I'm back and hopefully we can work together on here.

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My thoughts exactly! I don't have any other areas to economize in except for the grocery budget. We hardly eat out as it is!

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neesie, great, maybe all of us can get back at this.

We don't eat out very often either, but never have much. We are seniors with all our childern out on their own, but budgeting is still very vital to us.


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Yesterday hubby and I were back in the old neighborhood. We stopped by my son's apartment but he wasn't home. We ended up eating Taco's at a local establishment, boy were they good! I forgot to stop by a different restaurant while in the area. They have a great antipasto salad, huge portion for 6.99 and it includes a loaf of italian bread and garlic butter. I can get three meals (for myself) or a family serving of this salad. I could never be able to buy all those vegetables for 6.99 (plus the time to chop everything! I try to make time when I'm in the area to get a salad to go. Oh well, the tacos were great and we did bump into old friends!

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My own household is down to my DH and myself. I work a very stressful job, often 10+ hours a day, and bulk cooking is a must, not just to save money, but time.

I discovered this forum about 18 months ago and was sorry to see this particular conference dwindle away. I would love to see more discussion about versatile recipes, cooking/freezing techniques, etc.

For my contribution, I found a website, 30daygourmet.com, which has a fairly large number of recipes with ingredients portioned for a variety of servings. Check it out!

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Elisamcs ~ 30daygourmet.com looks really interesting. Do you use the meal planning software, or just the recipes?

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jmzms: I just use the recipes. I posted a query about the software on the cooking forum, but got no responses.

So far, I have tried the apple bread recipe - outstanding - and a meatball recipe, which my DH loves. I believe they were both on the "winners" list.

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I drop in every now and then to see if anyone is posting on this forum. Guess we all need to make an effort to start new threads and try to get more people interested.

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