donnablue38April 17, 2007

does anyone post here anymore?i just found this place and could sit here and read forever..

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I've been wondering the very same thing! I have been sat here reading forever and now I've run out of posts to read. I don't know where everybody went, I think it was a really good forum.
Maybe if we shout really loud "anybody out there" they might come back, what do you think?

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I'm new too. I haunt 2 other forums at GW & only recently discovered this one.
This is a great idea, esp. people's favs.
Here's a little hint I got last yr that I have enjoyed.

You can freeze cherry tomatoes the same way you freeze blueberries, put them in a single layer on a cookie sheet, freeze, then but in baggies for use all winter. I had nver thought of this before!

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easystitches, do you then have to use the tomatoes cooked? Or can they still be eaten raw? What a great idea!

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I freeze any kind of tomatoes and then use for cooking when I need them. The skins pop off quickly when you take them out of the freezer

I just found this forum yesterday. It appears to be very interesting.

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