Winter IS losing it's grip!

slateberry51February 21, 2011

I got up this morning and my thermostat, which was set for 54, had only drifted down to 60 (it had been set at 65 until 9pm last night), and my radiators were stone cold, which means they did not kick in sometime during the night.

Coasting--it's a beautiful thing.

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Sadly, not here! We had a blizzard that dumped almost 18" of snow on us Sunday through Monday. And there's still March to go--

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Thurs/Fri in the mid 70's, saw first daffodil in bloom and observed buds on magnolia soulangiana swelling. Monday night, 3" sleet/snow, and it's only 23* now at 9AM-ish.
It ain't over til its over, they say.

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We had snow Monday between 8 to 10 inches and the temps are in the low 30's. We get a teaser day now and then of 40 plus but the very next day it's into the negative digits.
I've seen snow in these parts in mid April, enough to bring life to a sudden halt.

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yeah, I suppose because I wrote that, it had to go and drop down to 6 degrees (F) last night! Sad to see we are all in this together. Still, I think my Feb heating bill will be less than Jan, and not just because it's a short month.

Casey, thanks for reminding me that daffodils exist!

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