Built in china cabinets???

rosalyndFebruary 23, 2006

Hi all,

I'm usually found in the kitchen forum but now that my kitchen is almost done I thought I'd visit here for a while. We recently bought a 1902 Colonial in the Northeast (MA) I'd love to see photos of other peoples built in china cabinets in a formal dining room, if anyone is willing to share them with me. I'll be uploading my pics off my camera and will share mine as well.


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We just bought an old farmhouse, and it has a built-in cabinet. I don't think it was original to the house, as the quality of wood and the way the drawers were built aren't high quality. BUT, it has little glass knobs and an old slide opening to the kitchen (which is painted shut and would open to the back of the fridge, but I'd love to reopen it). Anyway, it adds charm, and will look great once we strip and repaint it (like everything else :)).

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I've got a bunch of cabinets built-in my formal dining room. We haven't started the restoring/remodeling in there yet, but here are some pictures from when we moved in.

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Here is mine. I took out the mirror backsplash that was there and opened up the wall that was above the original.This wall is in common with my kitchen.This is a 1903 bungalow there is paneling all around the dinning room(where there are walls) some really old piano light fixtures built in over the pass thru and the inside of the cabinets. I am going to prbably have matching glass doors put on top opening, or at least trim it out.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My 1910 home had a nook with a window, but no built in. I designed one and had it custom made (Plain & Fancy Kitchens). My friends all think it looks original. And I love the extra storage for all my stuff.

Here it is: There are some trim pieces missing on the ends. Those are now in. The top is a matching painted wood top.

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I just have to say that these cabinets are so beautiful that I had my husand build me the bookcases, and they are wrapped about French doors. So glad that these were posted.

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