Potatoless skins

ynnejAugust 16, 2012

I am trying to remember something... my Grandma, when I was very little- I am almost certain that once family dinners were over she would roast up whatever potato skins were left on the plate with a little garlic and a LOT of butter. Now, this is what I am confused about- I've never made potato skins, but all of the recipes I've seen call for at least 1/4" border to be left on. I'm assuming this is so they can hold up their pretty shapes, but if my memory serves me, the ones she made were just about scraped clean... and maybe this was why they were so good? It's something she was a bit ashamed of, and kept hidden from the rest of the family, save for my brother, who of course, doesn't remember at all. So I have no one to ask but you. Ever had potatoless skins?

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Nope, but it sounds like something I'd love! Where is Annie? Ha! It also sounds like the skins left after peeling potatoes and she was making good use of them. Maybe it was her own creation? You make me wanna try that!

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Well, I tried it both ways today and found that I much preferred a bit of potato flesh in there. Maybe my Grandma just had the magic touch. Here is why I asked, though:

Potato Skin Bruschetta- this stuff was darn good.

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The bruschetta looks great. My favorite part of a baked potato (baked in an oven, not microwaved) is the crispy skin. I eat all the innards and then savor the crunchy skin as a final treat. I used to put extra butter on the inside of the skin too. But I've cut out that part. I can only imagine how tasty crisply baked skins, all by themselves, would taste.

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Those do look yummy.


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Seeing is believing.

I will have to make that soon.


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rob, I'm here, you knew a thread about potatoes was going to suck me in!

The skins are also my favorite part, and although I don't mine a little potato, I prefer a very thin and crispy potato skin.

Now you have me wondering whether, if I washed the potatoes well and peeled them, how would the peels be drizzled with olive oil and roasted. Oh my......I'm definitely going to try THAT.

The bruschetta looks really good, and I have fresh tomatoes. I love a baked potato topped with chili, so bruschetta should be good too, I think.


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MMMM. Yummy looking. I like a bit of the potato left inside also. My favorite way is with bacon,cheese and spicy BBQ sauce drizzled on top. NancyLouise

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Thank you for your compliments. I really liked the taste of these, but especially loved the way they made me feel. One gripe I have about many vegetarian foods is that they don't fill you up. I try to pack my meals with as much fiber as possible so I don't find myself grazing all day.

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Great photo Jenny. I'd eat that.


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