What else can you do with pot roast?

jennApril 10, 2001


I've been reading this thread and am very interested. However, one of the problems I have found is that we eat low-carb, and it seems that when anything is used for more than one meal, it ends up over rice, noodles, or potatoes, which are off-limits.

I am cooking a large pot roast. Other than having left-overs, does anyone have any ideas for a second meal? We can eat any vegetable other than potatoes, and try to stay away from starches.

Thanks for any ideas,


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I love to use it to stir fry with a few onion and pepper strips and any veggies (just use good low carb veggies) and then throw strips of the roast beef in it or just onion and green pepper eat it like fajitas or I toss it in a frying pan with onion , garlic, and a little salsa.....I always serve mine with tortillas but it wouldn't be necessary.

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How about julienning the cold beef and adding to wonderful fresh greens for a salad? (or maybe a salad of shredded beef, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, mozzarella with some Italian dressing?) Beef, tomatoes and onions in an omlette?

Try using spaghetti squash in place of the noodles and rice in some recipes. Or just use assorted veg rather than the starch generally called for.

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We always had Pot Roast on Sunday, beef stew on Monday!!

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Slice thin and use for philly cheese sandwiches. Also, I put BBQ sauce over leftover roast that I have chipped up. I serve that as a main meat or put on a bun for a sandwich.

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Make a cold beef salad (not unlike chicken or tuna salad). Add diced celery, dill (not sweet)relish. Even a hard boiled egg and some provolone cheese. I would coarsely grind it all together then add real Mayo. Horseradish would give it a little zip, or maybe oregano for a different taste. Finally,do a Lettuce wrap out of it.

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Hash. My grandma always made hash and I loved it. You need a meat grinder or food processor, and i just use leftover fried potatoes. mmmmmmmm, its very good. Run the beef through the meat grinder, mix with the potatoes in the food processor, and fry. I'm old fashioned i guess, lol.. I also like to use leftover pot roast for beef and noodles. Just add more broth to your drippings, thicken a bit, get some home made or frozen egg noodles and WALA. Very good stuff. Especially if you add a bit of red wine to the beef broth mixture.

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Just eat it till it runs out. Or quit buying such big a$$ roasts. Hope this helps.

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Shred it up for taco filling.

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It makes the best vegetable soup that you ever ate. Use the whole thing gravy and all. I add canned beef broth, and the veggies that we like. I also add a can of crushed tomatoes. I shredd the beef and cut up any vegables that are large. I made one yesterday in my pressure cooler and tomorrow it will be soup. Try it, it is great!!

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The only other low carb concoction I can think of in addition to some of the above is cut it up and add it to your favorite low carb soup with more vegs if you want or slice it up and prepare it like a chicken divan with cheese, broccoli or whatever in the oven. Using it in quesadillas, open faced, also might work but tortillas are carbs, so there you go again. Stir frying with low carb veggies was my first thought. You don't need rice or noodles. If you add bean sprouts, you won't even miss the noodles.

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Throw chunks in the famous Weight Watchers "Dump Soup." This a delicious low-calorie fat free soup.
Do Not Drain!
1 can white corn
1 can Progresso Minestone soup
1 can chili beans
1 can VegAll
1 can diced tomatoes
2 tsp Mrs.Dash seasoning.

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I love making soup(well, more like stew bc I like less liquid) because even if I have a lot left over, it freezes very well.

1 qt of beef stock
2 cups or more of veggies of your choice (softened when necessary - usually onions, celery, green beans and sugar snap peas)
1 bay leaf
usually a pound or more of pot roast

love making stir-fry and lettuce wraps too - how about chimichurri sauce? Kayln's Kitchen has a good recipe, great low-carb condiment!

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I also forgot 15oz can of petite diced tomatoes for the stew/soup

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