Can painted shingle siding be repaired?

kimbuffaloFebruary 10, 2010

We own a 1916 2 family house in Buffalo, NY. The sides and back of the house have wooden (I guess cedar) shingle siding and the front has asbestos siding. The back of the house is a mess- some shingles are broken, some are split, some are buckled, a few are missing. At the corners, where the side and back of the house meet, the shingles are pulling away from each other. What would be the most cost effective way to repair (if possible) or replace this siding? I'm worried about the amount of water that is getting behind the shingles and feel that we have to do something this Spring before the damage becomes too extensive. Since the front of the house has asbestos on it, I really don't want to put a 3rd kind of siding on the back (vinyl), but it is a rental property (we live in 1st floor apartment) and needs a lot of work so I don't want to spend a fortune on the back of the house.

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My hubby, whose Cape house is entirely cedar shingles, says you can buy them these days from Home Depot in a box. The are random widths, but all 18" long. He just plugs in the new shingles primes and paints it, and you cannot tell any difference in looks.

It is probably the most cost effective way to do your repairs without having a noticeable change in materials, and the house will be all the better for it. I watched as hubby repaired his siding, and it was not a complicated process.

Until you get around to doing the repairs, if you think the damage may get worse before spring, just cover the area with a tarp big enough to keep water/snow from funneling to the interior. Staple it in place to keep wind from blowing and tearing it apart.

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It's pretty easy to do. Even I tried it and was pretty successful. Here's a link to a short how to video (ignore the Bob Villa junk)

Repairing Shingles


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For replacement asbestos shingles, GAF makes WeatherSide shingles that are exact replacements without the asbestos. I bought a box of shingles, nails, and backing paper directly off their site. They come primed and ready for paint.

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