Can you 'boil' frozen hamburger?

Sandra :)April 17, 2001

i'm one of those converted "boil the hamburger" cooks - talk about easy!!! however, i wonder if you could do it with packages of frozen hamburger?

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Do you mean thaw it out first or just boil it? I think my MIL throws it into a pan with water and lets it cook apart and then when the water evaporates all out of the pan they brown it in the pan. Don't know if this is what you were wondering about exactly, but it's an idea.

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hi lesley - i meant can you just throw it - frozen - into the pot of water to cook it like you would unfrozen hamburger :)
when i brown it in a frying pan, i usually throw it in frozen and keep turning it over, scraping off the cooked bits as they cook. but i was thinking it would be faster/easier to boil it :)

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I don't see why you couldn' would just take a little longer.

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I throw the frozen hamburger into a pan with water, not enough to cover it and put the lid on and let it go. Just as with frying, it's a good idea to turn it and stir it. Once it is all loose, I let it boil well to make sure it's cooked thru and then drain.

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I throw frozen hunks of hamburger in the water all the time, because I don't plan meals ahead of time usually. What I want to know, is what are boiled hamburgers?

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Try using the water off your vegetables, tomato juice, or broth in your boiled burger. When you chill the meat the fat comes to the top and it can be skimmed, that's if you don't want to throw out the liquid, otherwise just drain as usual. It changes the flavor too.

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Ok, I musta missed something. Can someone explain why you're BOILING hamburger?

Is it easier than frying?

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I am with Michelle on this one. I tried to find the original instructions on boiling the chopped meat but was not able to. Could someone please explain the boiling chopped meat? Thanks!

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I have boiled the hamburger several times, as it is very quick. Last time I threw it in frozen, and stirred it up a bit as it cooked. I skim the fat off the top, and am ready to add it to my recipe. It doesn't change the taste of the dish, just makes it quicker.

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OK here it is. Instead of the messy job of frying ground beef you just put a pot of water on to boil and add any spices (ony if you want to) and when it reaches a boil, toss the hamburger in and cook it just like you were throwing it in a soup pot...When it loses it's color and looks done, drain off the liquid, cool and package to use in tacos, enchiladas, stuffed peppers, casseroles etc etc etc. You can save the cooking water , skim the fat and save it for soup or stew.

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