Pressure cooker - a lot of food in a short time

bean_counter_z4April 18, 2008

I'll offer an idea for saving time and money. I was cooking meals for my elderly Mom and Dad after spending 8+ hours at work. Would pick up a variety of meats, pork chops, chicken, roasts, whatever on sale every week. On Friday evening I would start cooking using the pressure cooker. In 45-minutes a 3# roast would be done and I'd start the chops. It is so fast you can cook 4-5 meats in one evening. Adding a salad, ready-made mashed potatoes, a canned vegetable only takes minutes. Store in those heat and serve dishes or corning ware containers.

I was afraid of the pressure cooker at first. All the old stories about exploding pots;) Now I'm very comfortable with it. Lots of safety features, Consumer Report says they can't malfunction.


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I've never tried one, you make it sound very good though! I second buying what's on sale and using it. Good for you!
I'm looking forward to more of your posts.

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How does the meat turn out? Is it similar to crocking where all of the flavor is in the broth? I have a pressure cooker and have used it for making quick mashed potatoes and dried beans or fast soups. Never made a roast in it. Any recipe ideas you could share would be welcomed!


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I just bought a new one and starting tomorrow im usung it for ribs, I used one for years and love them.

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My husband taught me to use a pressure cooker. You can do a roast, a chicken, stews, fresh begetables, in a half hour or less. I was afraid of the steam or an exploding pot,that was silly!

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