Family Reunion - Please Help!!

Brug_maniacApril 26, 2002

We are planning a "family get-together" during the first week in August, I will have 15 guests or more for 3 days.

I would like to plan a menu and do what I can ahead of time.

Since I'm cooking for 15-20 people for 3 meals a day, I think the only way would be to have most done ahead of time and just reheat in oven when needed.

Any help would be most appreciated.


P.S. Does anyone know if scalloped potatoes can be frozen and reheated?

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Where do you live that turning on the oven in August is an option? I'm in Texas, so that would not work here.
You could make the lunches different kinds of salad made ahead of time- potato salad, chicken salad, bean salad, tossed salad. . . whatever. Just get everything ready a head or time and toss together at meal time. And have nice bread. 3 days of breakfasts: are all these people going to sit down to breakfast together? if not, I'd plan a bagel day, a muffin day, and a breakfast taco (assemble your own as a buffet) day with a big supply of fresh fruit for each. For dinner, I'd have to plan a cook-out that everyone can participate in for one of the evenings, haul everybody to a nice local retaurant for one and that leaves only one big dinner to produce myself.

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Sharon this site is a fav. of mine ..

Here is a link that might be useful: good food ideas

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My daughter has this many friends and more every Memorial Day weekend. She has dry ceral for breakfast as a safty and then coffee cakes and fruit because everyone rolls out at different times of the morning. For lunch just sandwichs and chips so everyone can do for them selves these two meals. Grill out one nite,fix and freeze ahead laz. or spig one nite with hot bread and a salad. Keep tea lemonaide and coffee going all of the time along with water. Lots of paper plates and plastic glasses. Get the plastic glasses that are sold at Big Lots or dollar store ( 4 or 5 for a $)and write everyone name of them with makers. use paper napkins. We use the ratan plate holders for lunch and paper towels instead of plates in them for sandwichs and chips. I have several other recipes that we've used. If your interested let me know and I'll get them out. Ceral can be served in the big plastic glasses if you'd like. That way people can walk around with breakfast. Children love it because it's a little different. Give every one a couple of these glasses and tell them they are incharge of keeping them clean and keeping them. Write me at

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Grandma host lots at our cottage, she always has leftover salad from the night before, meat, cheese, breads and sliced veggied on the table and everyone gets their own ready when they sit. SOmetimes she has soup ready for those who want it too. For breakfast everyone gets theirs as they get up, she has sliced fruit or tomatoes on the table, and everyone fries and egg or makes toast. Once in a while we have a casserole dish. Remember some people dont eat breakfast and everyone wakes at differnt times so a halp yourself meal is essential. Muffins or ham cheese bisquits would be great. Egg M Muffins freeze well too,. For suppers you could freeze a shepherds pie, lasagna, make your scalloped potatoes in a big dish with pork chops on the bottom of the casserole and cook as normal for an all in one meal (will freeze okay if not over cooked), Meatloaf, meat pie, you can make spaghetti sauce to freeze and cook the pasta the night you have it, make some shredded chicken, turkey or beef and freeze with gravy for a fast hot turkey supper also good if you have BBQ beef or pork to serve on buns. Hope somthing here helps. You have a heck of a job. I hope it all goes well. Dont forget many women will offer to help you, Id feel terrible being a guest and not making a meal to give my host a break.

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Back to the top for more ideas,please!

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Here's some of my tricks from the cottage where I often have 15 or more ! Number one rule , keep it simple and try and minimize actvity in the kitchen or it will be bedlam!

Breakfast: For each breakfast put out a selection of fresh fruit and cereal for the light eaters. A choice of juices and of course fresh coffee!

Day 1 - Make ahead breakfast strata or overnight french toast served with sausages you have cooked previously and then reheat in the microwave. Make the strata/french toast the day before your company arrives.

Day 2 - Assortment of sweet breads (like banana nut loaf), coffeecake and muffins. Make the breads and muffins ahead and freeze them. Or buy them at a good bakery.

Day 3 - Baked ham slices and scrambled eggs with toasted English muffins. Bake the ham ahead , slice and wrap in foil. Warm in the oven when ready to serve. To make a bunch of English muffins at once, split them and do them under the them! Do the eggs in big batches in the microwave. Serve with salsa or chile sauce and preserves.


Day 1- Assorted cold cuts and large rolls. Plates of sliced onions, lettuce, sliced tomatoes. Lots of assorted pickles, a few different mustards and of course mayo. Let them build their own sandwiches. Cole slaw purchased from the deli on the side.

Day 2- BBQ burgers and Sausages, buy good frozen ones and make up for it by having lots of condiments! In addition to the mustard, relish and pickles have, roasted peppers,sliced tomatoes, onions, sauerkraut, hot peppers etc.

Day 3- Chilled soup (can be made a few days ahead) an assorment of cheeses and a salad made from mesclun (a mixture of baby greens that comes pre mixed and can be bought in most grocery stores) drizzeled with your favourite vinagrette.

Dinner: Stick with buffet!! If you have a BBQ try and do the meat outside.

Day 1: Baked Ham (used the leftovers for breakfast), baked beans (I have an easy make ahead recipe), cheesy scalloped potatoes( this recipe can be frozen and reheated)served with a mixed vegetable salad.

Day 2: Lasagna and a Ceasar salad with some great fresh breads. Make the Lasagna's ahead and freeze. Make a meat one and a vegatarian one for variety.

Day 3: BBQ or roasted pork tenderloins. Marinate them in soy sauce, garlic, honey and ginger for a few hours. Really easy on the grill but works just as well in the oven. Oven roasted new potatoes that have been quartered, drizzeled with olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary. Serve with grilled mixed and green peppers, onions, beans..whatever. Cut them up in advance and bag them, on the day you want to serve them marinade them in olive oil and balsamic for a few hours. Throw on the grill while the pork tenderloin is resting, they only take a few minutes. This meal is a great outdoor meal. Serve some nibblies and drinks while everyone mingles around the grill. Lots of fun!

Day 4.....make reservations!!

Most of all relax and enjot the family! Hope it works out!


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