Hospital Stay Comming Up, Need Advice

keilamarieApril 7, 2006


I have not tried this method before (freezing meals) but I am going to the hospital for the birth of our new baby in late June. As everyone knows it may or may not happen on time. I have a 16 year old girl who will be home most of the time I'm away alone (hubby will be with me). Her Grandmother will be checking in on her but she will be alone. I'm not worried about her safety, we have a crazy protective dog, but worried about her going hunrgy.

She does not cook well and I do not want her using the stove while I'm gone. There are no stores in walking distance and delievery makes me nervous with the dog around. Also, there is a chance I will have a c-section so I will be out of commission for awhile as well when I return home.

Whew...anyway, I have read alot of posts and made a list of stuff to make for her. Some will have to be school lunches in case it happens early. Now here is my problem...I could go into labor really at any time. I've put off making the meals as long as I dare and feel I need to get them done within a week or two.

Can I freeze the items listed below this far in advance? It might be as long as July. These will be one serving size each:

Pasta and sauce frozen seperately

Rice and veggies

home made lunchables

fruit cocktail

sandwhiches without mayo


breakfast sandwiches with egg/meat

Soup in paper cups

I will not be able to run out to the store to stock the frig before I leave so I'm really limited. Any other suggestions?

Thank you very much for any help....I worry about her :)


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How long do you expect to be in the days, they whisk you in and out so fast it makes your head spin....but...You shouldn't have any problems freezing those items but truthfully a 16 year old ought to be able to make her own sandwiches which would be fresher and better tasting, perhaps you are worrying needlessly...If her GrandMother is going to be checking on her, she can surely bring her something if she has needs ...and fruit is it that a 16 year old can't chop her own fruit or open a can? I'm beginning to wonder if this post is a joke...most soup can be bought in single serving sizes etc...

You might consider some of the Uncle Bens, Lean Quisine, Healthy Choice or weight watchers etc meals...they are very good and only require a few minutes in the microwave...

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I think it's important not to make assumptions about what people should be able to do or not do at a certain age, whether they're 16 or 6 months. I do understand your feelings. My daughter has learning disabilities and has been learning how to cook for herself but sometimes she'll forget to turn the stove off. She put a plate in the microwave that shouldn't go there and it melted and also exploded food all over the inside. Nothing really awful but still it's a little scary leaving kids on their own when they just don't have those skills down yet. I have left mine alone and I was nervous the whole time but she did have one problem and she handled it perfectly. So I have to learn how to let go too. Anyway, I didn't mean to go on and on about that.

I like the above writer's ideas of the frozen dinners. There are also microwavable pizzas that kids like. My SIL used to make sandwiches for a month at a time. She would make them, wrap them up individually and then return them to the bag the bread came in and refreeze them all. Her kids would take one out of the freezer in the morning and it would be ready to eat by lunchtime.

Maybe you and your daughter could make some meals together before you go. At least make up a list of things she'd like to eat and start working a little bit at a time. One suggestion I remember from before was making sure you put a lable on each item frozen with cooking instructions on it. Maybe some suggestions of what needs to go with it, like salad or vegetable.

If you get some canned fruit cocktail, you won't have to freeze it. Same with jarred spaghetti sauce (like Ragu or Prego).

I hope all goes well. Congratulations on the new baby.

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Thank you for your advice. Yes, I was a bit taken back by the other users comments: beginning to wonder if this post is a joke..a 16 year old ought to be able to make her own sandwiches

But I just let it roll off my back. I'm just thinking there might not be anything for sandwiches when I run out the door in labor (not really a good time to stop at the store). This event is hard to plan for. I have already begun tossing helpful things in the freezer when we have one serving size leftovers. This plus getting some canned goods (even though I'd rather her not eat processed foods-I really had no choice) has really taken care of it. I also made some sandwiches with miricle whip so she has those too.

I'm glad someone understands the last thing I want is to be stressed with worry about her forgetting to turn off the stove or something. It would be a really bad time for a fire!

Thank you for replying...I have about two weeks left and I'm all in order now! Thank you for sharing!


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A little processed food will not be too bad for a few days. Just freeze some microwave meals for her. They come in both breakfast and dinner.

Also Frozen waffles and some Pasta Salads are nice to have on hand.

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I totally understand the original poster and the other poster whose daughter has learning disabilities. Right now my family is taking turns caring for my elderly FIL since my MIL died. He also knows how to use the stove but will forget to turn it off. Or he might leave something out of the refrigerator overnight and then put it back in the next morning, who knows?

So don't judge! Your turn will come and you will want compassion, not criticism. Best wishes to all!

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