vacuum seal jars/ canisters

jasper_austinApril 21, 2002

I really use my vacuum sealer a lot, and I prefer to use wide mouth canning jars insead of the bags because the jars are re-usable. I do re-seal bags if I don't completely use the contents, but it doesn't seem like I can wash them out thoroughily enough to use them over for something new.

Anyway, my question is about the canisters- it would be easy to fit stuff into them- a wide mouth jar is only so wide, but are they worth the expense?

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I thought so. Yesterday, I purchased a 3 canister set from Target for $19.99. The large canister easily held a head of cut up lettuce, the middle size held 3 pints of sliced strawberries and the smallest which I have not used but would hold 2 cups worth of sauce or something to that effect. -Lisa

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Thanks. I didn't know they were at target. I'll be shopping there!

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Check EBay, Sears, and Walmarts. Not sure what the prices would be direct but you could find out at the Tilia site

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I've got two of the canisters and I used to use them a lot. I got away from vacuum sealing, except in the wide mouth jars now and then. I really should do more of it.


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I bought the cannisters thinking they would be great, for lettuce/veggies, but have a problem getting them to seal. Have tried turning the dial to a higher setting.....any help?? Thanks!

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I bought the cannisters at Sears. I quickly found that if you tried sealing, say, coffee grounds then little grounds would get stuck on the rubber seal on the lid, and they wouldn't seal. Now there seems to be something gumming up the "valve" part you press to let air back in. They don't seal there. They were great for the first three months. Then they stopped holding a vacuum.

On the other hand, I've had vacuum in the wide-mouth mason jars for months without a problem.

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