Potato recipes to freeze? (Help! They are sprouting already!)

ericasjApril 1, 2005

I hate to pass up a good deal like 99 cents for a 5-lb bag of potatoes. But there are only two of us, and it's hard to use them up before a lot of them go bad.

Mashed/whipped potatoes seem to freeze well for me, but I need more ideas. Any tried and true recipes that can be frozen?



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Erica, Sometimes I'll make up an entire 5 lb. bag of potatoes into "twice baked" potatoes and freeze them. (Vacuum Sealed) I (poke them with a knife to let the steam escape) bake them until tender on Convection, split in half and scoop the insides into a big bowl. I'll add sour cream, carmelized onions, maybe some very crispy bacon. I also like to add broccoli or ham, with cheese. Really, you can make them however you like. Then I freeze them and vacuum seal. These have come in handy for a quick meal more than I can count, and they're already portion controlled.

You can also bake them and store them for a couple of days in the fridge, for hash browns. Once they're actually cooked, they brown quickly on top of the stove. Add some onions and an egg, and you have breakfast! (Or dinner...)

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I find that if I put a apple in the bag with the potatoes, they will last allot longer without sprouting.

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