First Window Restoration Project Completed

livingin1825February 7, 2011

After living here for almost 4 months we have our first project complete. Soon after moving in we realized we would need to do something about our third floor windows. They are beautiful french casement windows in need of some TLC and also needing storm windows and screens. The gaps in some of these windows when closed were so significant that it felt like they were open. All 8 sets of windows/sills/casings were stripped and repainted as well as all glazing removed and replaced. Finally in what will become our 1 year old son's room, all woodwork was painted and plaster cracks were patched and painted.

One project down more than I can count to go....

The set-up to contain lead. Reminded me of the movie E.T. when it was all ready to go.

Before Pictures:

Halfway done - windows/sills/casings fully stripped and repainted, all glazing removed and reglazed, cracks in plaster repaired

Finished - Room completely repainted, new storms and screens made for each window.

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Absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you feel like you're living in a different house after the windows are properly restored?

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It is pretty amazing how it has changed the entire feel of that room. I couldn't believe how nice the wood was underneath all that old paint and how once sanded and painted it looked brand new.

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Wow ! I am speechless. Absolutely stunning. And those floors....

Please do post more pics of the ' before' of the house. It is really beautiful. What part of the country ? How much property ? Any details you would like to share. I love older home restorations. We have an 1890 in AL. c

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Thank you for the compliments, we are really pleased with how the project turned out.

The house is located in Pennsylvania about a half hour outside of Philadelphia. It was built in 1825 with two additions, one which is matched very close to the original house so we think it occurred soon after 1825 and then a kitchen addition which was probably early 1900's. The house is in relatively good condition. It only sits on about 3/4 of an acre. The original farm was broken up and sold off so we have a couple houses around us all built in the late 70's/early 80's. The PO had a love for gardening though so there is alot, ALOT, planted throughout the property which kind of gives you a secluded feel even though amount of property is under an acre.

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