Magazines to which you didn't subscribe ???

phyllis__mnFebruary 4, 2013

Well, for the second month, I've been getting "Seventeen", and have no reason why. I could understand perhaps one issue as a "lure", but two??? I asked a young woman if she didn't think that was pretty funny, and she remarked that her grandmother has been getting "Rolling Stones" lately, and no idea why.

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Funny, I received a Martha Stewart Living magazine in the mail Friday. I did not subscribe to it. I am NOT a "Martha Stewart person" LOL

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Hi Phyllis mn ...

... guess they figured that, since you were double that age ... you'd need two, to work out right?

o j

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I remember getting a few copies of our local non profit newsletter, and I tried to straighten it out. The secretary in charge of mailing explained that they needed a few more copies to mail in order to qualify for the bulk mailing rate. I don't see how it applies here, but...

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I got "Rolling Stone" free for 2 years... was never billed for it, never subscribed to it. I also got "Entertainment Weekly" for a year... same thing.

I think these could just be free subscriptions sent out by the magazines to get their circulation numbers up.

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Talk about lying about your circulation! Wow!

We subscribe to ONE magazine, The New Yorker, and I'm usually two issues behind in reading it. There are always more interesting articles than not, but some *weird* fiction. The writers are excellent story-tellers. I've even come to have regard for Woody Allen -- as a writer of humor in the "Shouts & Murmurs" column.

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I wouldn't mine a free magazine. As long as it isn't any kind of fashion mag. I live in blue jeans, turtlenecks and sweatshirts, so you can imagine how interested I am in fashion.

Hubby got a Canadian car magazine for 2 years without asking. It was a decent publication, but they did drop it when he didn't subscribe, when he got asked.

Our newspaper gives out copies for a month to entice subscribers. But a month is the limit.

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I'm curious what the label says? Does it have your correct name and address? Does it give the ending date of the subscription (they usually do), is there information on there that this is a complimentary or sample copy?

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Correct name and address. Ending date May, 2014. No other explanation. Surprised, because I don't subscribe to ANY magazines. Much less Martha Stewart. LOL

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Correct address, and it looks as though it's the Dec/Jan '15 date.

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I was getting Every Day with Rachel Ray for a number of months but I guess when I didn't pay the bill, they gave up on me. I did not order it.

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My husband has been getting some GQ-like magazine for months. We didn't order it, and he tosses it into the recycling. Such a waste of paper.

Like others, I am wondering if it's a ploy to get the addressee to pay a bill at a later date.

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I've been getting In Style for I bet a year or better. Never ordered it. It's quite a thick magazine too..has all those pages folded that have perfume scents on them. Yuck!

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I do subscribe to several nagazines, in the last year I've been getting some I never asked for- Vogue, Good Housekeeping, maybe some others. I even got a nice gardening book I never ordered. I read it, then passed it on it to a friend. Since then I've been getting billed for $29.95 for this book. Yes, I received it but I never ordered it. So I toss the books. If they report it to the credit bureaus, so what? It's not a huge amount and I'll be darned if I'm gonna pay them for this blackmail!

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Sally Brownlee

Several years ago I decided to stop getting Readers Digest.
They sent me many, many "last issues" (maybe a years worth) I read the magazines, but ignored the last chance warning.
Then they tried to bill me. Constantly.
Borderline harrassment.
I really got ugly with someone on the phone and it quit.

When my sister and her DH bought a house it had dual zoning. Because it had an expiration to the business side of the zoning, he recorded a business name he someday hopes to open.
They get loads of free magazines they never asked for. It comes addressed to their "business"...which does not yet exist.

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My pet peeve is when I get "overdue notices" for magazines that have been paid for a year or two in advance.

Years ago I'd ordered Martha's magazine... maybe every few months I'd get a bill...and pay it, forgetting that it had been paid. (I'd been living thru an illness) I finally had that "doh" moment, called to see exactly what the heck was going on...I'd prepaid for 8 years!!!! P!ssed me off royally and cancelled the whole magazine.
I now always check on the name label to see what the expiration date actually is when I receive a "late notice"

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A couple years ago got a magazine from Disney, with my name and experation. I just refused it, asked the postmaster to send it back, got another one, did the same, got another one, she said keep it and gave it away, and no more. Like deborah, I too paid too much for one mag, and now try to mark the experation date on Quicken when I pay by check. I try to always pay by check so they will not automatically renew> When I do cancel I write on the notice, photocopy it, write on the next and they eventually get the message. Never pay by CC.

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I believe it must be a scam as I too got magazines and then a hefty bill and went what? I never asked for this at all.

Another is you do pay for what you want and they seem to go after you for long time afterward even though you did pay them and it takes months for someone to cash it or notice it it seems.

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Our youngest daughter has gotten several parenting and baby magazines for over 10 years........Never could find out why.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Strange, I have been reading this thread for the last couple of days and in yesterday's mail came a Ladies Home Journal.
Very little substance but a great vehicle for getting their
advertisements in your hands.

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I have never gotten free magazines. I feel left out :( Not really. I do love some magazines, but I don't buy them because I can't look through them enough times before the next one comes. You can send me all your Martha Stewart magazines! Not that I am like that, but there are some good ideas in them. I just look online for her stuff.

I did keep getting a maternity clothes magazines. The only way I could get them to quit was to tell them I had a miscarriage and I would really like not to have constant reminders. They quit instantly. I wish they would think ahead, I may not be the only one!

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