Tilia Vac System

RuthieG in MAApril 12, 2001

I made a bid on a Tilia Vacuum System yesterday and manage to get in a winning bid. I have a Tilia on its way for the price of $53.99. I am so glad.

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You are going to have such fun, Ruthie. I don't use mine all of the time. But, occasionally, I just go vacume crazy. You know what? I had some over ripe bananas and peeled them and vacume sealed them, and put them in the fridge until I could find time to something with them, and they look exactly the same as the day I sealed them (about a week and half ago). So, since it is the air that makes the bananas ripen, maybe this will help in that department, too. Just a thought. Well, congratulations on your deal!

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Was this on e-bay? I love my Food Saver and use it daily.

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Not ebay it was at ubid.com.

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Can't wait to see how you like it Ruthie!!! I really think one would pay for itself just in the single serving portions I could freeze and not have to throw away. DH and the kids aren't crazy about left overs, unless it's soup or stew (that kind of stuff that gets better the second day).

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I love mine and wish I could get a deal on anything!!!!

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OK folks, it finally arrived so I am going to be doing some testing...I'll let you know how it goes.

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I have the older model and I was wondering if it is worth it to upgrade and buy the new one. Any comments?

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Ruthie, I hope you love your machine as much as I love mine. We did corn on the cob as the tape instructed and we had corn on the cob all winter long. I even did some magazines and toys I want to save for my grand-children. I keep it out on the counter and a day doesn't go by that I don't use it. We use a lot of taco sauce and because there are only two of us, I was wasting the rest whenever I opened a jar, now I put in ice cube trays and when frozen, just put them in a bag and Wolah, have taco sauce in individual portions. Remember to freeze foods that are liquid, or soft, like hamburger patties for instance. If you put them in a Food Saver bag they will all become one big patty. What I do is I place them on a cookie sheet, freeze them, then put them in the Food Saver bag. If you get any new ideas, I would love to hear from you. Have fun and enjoy it. The more you use it, the more you will love it.

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Went up to the UBid and found the below address:
But it doesn't show that there is much for accesories like the jar sealer...just the 'port'.
It is very reasonable, but checked at the Walmart--$99, and bags are $9.99 here in NE.
Have a diabetic, & garden so would really like one!
Is is worth the hassle to bid..??

Here is a link that might be useful: ubid, tilia

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I got mine on UBID for less than 60$. My discription was the same..only said port. I figured what the heck the attachment is only $10,I am still saving. I was so happy when it arrived and had the attachment. I also headr the Wal-Mart one is not as good because it does not have the attachment port. Hope this helps!

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Well, after seeing the posting regarding the Tilia Vac System I too will have one any day now. I put in a bid on Friday and received confirmation it is on the way. Yahoo !

This should be fun ! I'm looking forward to "sucking the air" out of things. I imagine I will have more room in the freezer to freeze even more meals.


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Tracy, did you get yours in the mail yet? Let me know how you like it. I want to purchase one too.

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Hey everyone, I finally got around to playing with mine and so far I love it. Very easy to use and the bags are nice and heavy so i am sure there won't be any freezer burn.

I bought mine on ubid for $54, I had to wait several bidding cycles as the first few that I saw were already up into the $70 (one went as high as $140)and higher range so I just kept watching and finally they had one that didn't get bumped too high so if you can have the patience to wait and keep watching ubid is a great site.

I haven't had time to watch the tape yet but put that on my schedule for today.

Just got back from a weeks vacation so have to go shopping can't wait to play with my new machine.

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The Tilia system is great! We got ours because we were throwing out so many freezer-burned items. Haven't pitched a single one since!

Anyone vacuum pack shredded cheese? Hubby did--and it's one big cheese patty. Should we have frozen it a bit first?

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I agree with Michelle..I think the Tilia system is great. I've been using my new one for the last week and I'm enjoying every minute.

I did try packing shredded cheese and yes, I did have to freeze it first. I just shredded it then put it on a cookie sheet to freeze then vacuum pack it. Volia !

Wow, I sure love my new "toy".

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Well, Y'all talked me into it. I ordered one today and got the confirmation on it. I have a nice size garden and soon will have green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and onions. I hope I can freeze green beans?? I never tried it. And what about tomatoes?
My husband just bought me a 13 cu. ft. uprite freezer. As soon as my Tilia gets here I will be ready to start packaging. I cooked a crock pot of beans overnight. I packaged them and have them in the freezer to get a start.I just used the ziplock. I'll use them up soon.
I love to cook ahead.
Betty in Florida

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After trying ebay, I now have one coming from uBid...can't wait! I'm also a garden nut, and would appreciate INPUT on doing veggies with one.

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I'm new here, although I have been a 'freezer' cook for some time. It's been fun to read all the creative and friendly tips, thanks for sharing.
I just purchased the Tilia 1050 and have a question for you veteran users. Do you ever have problems with the bags loosing their vacuum seal?
I did eight packages of three different kinds of foods. I followed all instructions: prefroze soft foods, waited at least 20 seconds in between packages, wiped the opening of the bag if I thought I might have gotten something on it, etc. I used the same proceedure on each bag, but three of the eight lost their vacuum seal: that is the bags now have air in them and I can't find a problem with the seal lines. Anyone with similar experience, or a solution?
Years ago I tried the DeniFresh vacuum machine and returned it because of this problem. From all the posts here and on other forums on this site it sounds like the Tilia had perfected the system. Maybe its just pilot error?
TIA, Valerie

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Hi Valerie. I have had the same problem with some of my bags. I don't know what the problem is. I thought maybe there was a tiny place in the seam that wasn't sealed. I some time have problems with the cannisters too. I may try over and over for several minutes and it won'seal. Usually if I get frustrated and leave it and come back later it works fine. I really do enjoy my Tilia though and Im getting ready to fix some meals and freeze for DH to have while I'm gone to Peru for three weeks.

Good luck, hope your bags start staying sealed!


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Thanks Elaine! I found a review on e-opinions that talked about this issue. The guy just started doing a double seal on his bags and it solved his problem. Most of my bags that lost air had items with higher moisture content. I adjusted my seal time switch to 5 and resealed those packages. So far so good! Guess I just needed more practice. Anyway, I'm trying to think positively and tell myself: problem solved! We'll see what happens as I do more cooking for the freezer. Thanks again, Valerie

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Thank you all for discussing this beauty of a "toy". I love mine, but didn't get the video with it. I got it on QVC in February for $99 and it's just the bare bones machine. No port, etc. Does anyone know how I'd go about buying one of the videos? I've watched every infomercial, I think, and still am stumped on some procedures. Thanks for the shredded cheese advice. I'd just given up...didn't know you could pre-freeze it. duh! I just wanted to keep it in the fridge, but what the heck, shredded cheese won't take long to thaw.

Also, I've noticed on some of my frozen packages that when I cut them open, they seem to be stuck together more than at the seal. What's this all about?

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Donna, I have 2 of the videos and I would be happy for you to have one if you will send me your address. It might be a few weeks before I have time to send it unless you send it right away. I'm going to Peru, leave Thurs. Sept. 13 and will be gone for three weeks. If you hurry I will try to send it before I go or have my DIL send it for me.


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I am looking for bags that I can use with my Tilia Vac System , that might cost less. Does any one know where I can find them?

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I buy mine at Cosco for $36.00 (I think) and there are six rolls inside the box. I've also seen individual boxes of the bags at my local Walmart. However, I buy at Cosco because I use them so often it's cheaper than Walmart for me.

Hope that helps.


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Hi I'm new to the web site but I though you might like a GOOD deal on freezer bags I found a web site that has bags a less then 6 cents each, go to www.packagingmachinesco.com then click on the picture that says ( keepfresh vacuum sealer ) and then look up the size bags you want, you have to bye many, but at 6 cents compared to 64 cent each it is worth it. hope someone gets some use out of the info,
see ya ooops

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