sarensMarch 8, 2002


I am new to this website. I am looking for lots of ideas on how to and what to make and freeze. Anxiously waiting for ideas!!

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Hi Sarens. Welcome! Your best bet would be to scroll through the past postings on this forum. There are a lot of good ideas. I just poke my head in here every once and a while to see what's new. This week, I am using up leftovers for new meals. I cut up leftover meatloaf for meatballs for spaghetti, cubed up the leftover ham for Impossible Ham and Swiss pie. We will have steak on Thursday...anniversary...didn't think I should do cook ahead or leftovers...LOL! Just take a look around and you find other ideas. This is just a slow week for me. Good luck!

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Check out also.

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