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columbusguy1February 10, 2013

Finally found a Sanborn map for my house, dated 1921-22...doesn't appear to tell me much that I didn't know, but if anyone has more skill with them than me, I'd appreciate your input! I looked at the key, but I can only figure out 2-storey, wood-frame, no mention of roofing type or shows my two chimneys which are brick covered by stucco...of course, they are both internal.

I note the garage, but what does the black circle in it mean, or the white ones in the house? And what the heck is that little building at the property line south of the garage?! Did a bit of digging for a small shallow pond in that area, and came up with lots of broken slate, a bit of china, and not much else.

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you probably already have this key but just in case... and if you scroll down you will see residential houses with more information about them further down.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sanborn Map Guide

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Thanks ingeorgia--I didn't have this, just a short key with little residential stuff. Now I know that my roof was non-combustible, which I assume in this area meant slate--there are tons of houses with them still but mine isn't one of them. I suspected as much because of the skip sheathing on my rafters, but glad to know wood shingles were definitely off the probable list.

Could the small building by the garage have been an outhouse, in 1922?! I note the neighbor's house has a similar structure, now also gone...and her garage now sits right next to the property line instead of further into her lot.

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You are very welcome. If I remember correctly your house was built before ours ( which was built in 1910). The little building could very well have been an outhouse. Hope you are able to find out for certain.
We think we have found our well and are going to try and open it back up.

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It might have been a tool or garden shed.

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Antiquesilver, I'm not sure about the garden shed idea as the garage was 18x22 feet. The county auditor's page lists it as being built in 1921, but it also says that for every garage in the neighborhood, so I think that was when they were finally added...Being built in 1908, my house always had city water, which I had thought also made an outhouse unnecessary.

I can't find any plans for the place,and the only significant increase in value for the plot was when the house was built. Still, you never know, so I can't rule anything out. I thought the garage might have been a stable at first, but the fire map says 'Auto', and the time makes a horse unlikely, although even today, you can still keep chickens in Columbus--I know because my mom's neighbor had some in '07! :)

If only we could have a time machine!

P.S.: Just remembered that for many decades after the area was built up, Oakland Avenue and Northwood, the next one south, had competing garden clubs which won awards from the maybe a garden shed isn't as unlikely after all.

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From what I've read while there could be city water in the house, because the toilets were still pretty primitive, there were still outhouses. Seems it took some time to get toilets up to sniff. (sorry just HAD to do it : ) )

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In rowhouses c. 1890 in my neighborhood, they had indoor plumbing but a little shed attached to the back of the house for the servants' toilet. There's at least one in the row with the original fixtures but the rest have been torn down; otherwise, I'd have never guested the purpose - & it's the size I'd choose for a city-size garden shed.

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I haven't seen any of our Sanborn maps, but I've been told by old neighbors that homes on our block used to have receptacles in the backyard for burning trash. What I have seen, though, are old newspaper articles that discuss how certain folks got talking to's by the authorities for burning very stinky stuff.

My block was built in 1919.

Might your little square represent trash burning?

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