Sunbeam Cooker Crocker Fryer

HerbaTherapyMarch 11, 2002

I'll be darned, but I can't find the question on the subject on this list to reply to it. Kaycee asked about what her Sunbeam appliance was. Yes, it IS a Crock AND and cooker AND a deep fryer. It's by Sunbeam, I have one, and I LOVE it. I don't slow cook in it anymore, but did. I make soap in the pottery insert now. I would LOVE to buy another one, but I can't find one. Mine is 27 yrs old. It deep fries, slow cooks in the crock pot part and will also cook, slowly meat or whatever in the part when you take out the pottery crock. It's a wonderful appliance. If anyone knows of where to buy another let me know please!!!


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I also have a Sunbeam crocker cooker fryer that is about 25-30 years old. I still use it and I have chipped the ceramic liner. I love it! Would love to find another one so I could replace my liner! Any one willing to sell their's?

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I too have the crocker cooker - fryer. My manual says 1976? I know it was the only thing my ex ever gave me that I loved. Anyway, about a year ago my on/off knob just stripped and I could not turn it on or off. I loved and used the crock pot & fryer most. I was lost, I searched and searched, and could not find one. But, I found a cooker - fryer by Presto. Sorta a big big daddy but a cooker too, at Wal-Mart I think. So I bought it, I still had my crock, and lid, and manual. The crock fits great! I just reference the temp to make sure I don't turn the crock to high to crack. Around 200-250? Anyway, I broke my lid tonight. I came on line to see about maybe finding a replacement lid, and found this. The lid to the cooker fits the crock, but not as good as the one that came with the crock but it will work. So girls, I don't know if that helps any of you or not. I was so upset when the old cooker broke, I was getting so discouraged, and had to have another one. I like this crocker because you can regulate the temp better that most crocks that only have hi or low. I think they cook too fast or slow with that options, that is why I loved my cooker. So try to find what I explained if you still have your crock.

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I have the same Sunbeam Crocker Cooker-Fryer. I just love it. I just got it out of the pantry this AM looking for my favorite Chili receipe for my daugter. She wanted it for an upcoming party. To my surprise, I've lost the manual. I saw your post and it appears you do have the manual. My Sunbeam is Model 9-13.

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you copy the manual and send it to me. I would be glad to reimburse you for any costs.

Sandy Horling

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Hi, I have one too! Actually it's my second one - I sold the first ages ago. My Mom has given me hers (which she bought on my recomendation when I had my first one), but she no longer has the instruction book. I remember most of it, but can't remember when to have the air vent open at the top. And also what setting it should be on for slow cooking. Mine doesn't show temperature, just minimum, simmer and then 1-6. Is there any chance you could help me out by letting me know any info you may have from the instruction manual? I'd be very grateful and thank you so much.

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Mine is by Daisy and unfortunately they are out of business or bought out by someone. My crock has craze marks so I thought I'd just get a new crock. Wrong!! I looked them up on the internet to find out that they are no longer in business. But what I love about it is that you have individual temperature settings like 200, 225, 300 degrees etc. that a crockpot doesn't have. I'd like to buy a new one. Who makes these 3 in one units now? I've used mine to deep fry etc.

On the sunbeam,,,check on Ebay for a replacement instruction manual,,you'd be so surprised at what people have on there that you can replace. I actually found another of my Daisy but it was the whole unit and I just needed the crock and her picture showed the crock had craze marks too.

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I have a Sunbeam Crocker Cooker-Fryer since the 1970's that I've used very little. It is in new condition with all the parts. It is two-tone gold/yellow. I've decided to sell it. Let me know, orchidgirl if you're still interested, or anyone else.

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I had a Rival Chef's pot and it sounds similar. It was 6 quarts, removeable crock, nice glass lid, variable temp control and you could use the well for deep frying. I used it for cooking pasta, potatoes, corn, etc. It would heat the water SO fast! Just don't touch the outside of it - it got hot! The biggest dislike was that when using as a slow cooker, it would heat the bottom too so you had to stir quite often since anything on the bottom would burn more easily where the Nesco oven wouldn't. But it worked well for some things.

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Hi Nutritionist. I am interested in purchasing your Sunbeam Cooker Crocker Fryer if you still have it for sale. Can you email me at

Brian Beardmore
Cypress TX

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Well, I have a Sunbeam Cooker Crocker Fryer too; a wedding gift(in 1975) that outlasted my first husband. My second husband dropped the lid on our concrete floor last week and I am looking for a replacement (replacement lid, not replacement 2nd husband). I have purchased and returned 3 sauce pans, looking for a lid that would fit and am now scouring cyberspace for the elusive lid. If anyone has one for sale, please contact me via e-mail. Thanks-

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I too ended up with my mothers, gold two tone with crock and now would like to purchase a copy of the cookbook, and would pay for it. Please help me out.

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Hi All,

I have had my crock/fryer since either the late 60s or early 70s. It was a Christmas gift from my parents. I have been using it all these years. I noticed this afternoon that the bottom of the crockpot is cracked and I'm hoping I can find a replacement for it. Otherwise I will get my husband to glue it and I will have to use a crockpot bag when I need the crockpot part. HELP - anyone know where I can find a replacement crockpot to fit in my fryer? Thanks, Janis

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I have one too, but I have lost the power lead/thermostat.
If anyone has one I would be prepared to pay for it.

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I have a Sunbeam Crocker Cooker Fryer for sale. Anyone interested contact me at

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I got the same Sunbeam cooker but also without an owners manual or any instructions other than what is on the label on the front of the fryer. Is there anyone who would send me a copy via email or mail or can you at least tell me what you can do with the fryer (without the crocker part) I have both parts, but do not have a way to heat water right now and want to use it for that. Do I need the crocker for that or what. This is the first time I have used the crocker.

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Oh thank goodness I found this. I have one that I can't read the lettering on the dial. It's worn of it's so old. Can anyone tell me the setting from left to right. If you're looking at it please tell me the settings in each band from your left to right! Thanks!!!!!

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The setting are off, simmer, Crockery, 300, Cook, 350, Deep Fry, 400.

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Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I do have some information that may be of some help to folks.

Fed up with slow cookers that cook way too hot nowadays, I was in my local thrift shop, looking for a vintage model that truly cooks slowly, and found a barely used Sunbeam Crocker Cooker for $7.99, minus the lid (I matched up a glass lid from another shelf in the store, and now have a unit that I can use for slow cooking).

I dug out my old "Crockery Cooker" cookbook, to find information on the pot and found the following temperature information:

"Use 200 F for LOW. There is no 200 F marker on the dial, so set it just left of the red CROCKERY band. For HIGH, set it between 300 F and 350 F."

I hope that the temperature information from the above mentioned cookbook will be of use.


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I too have a 70s Sunbeam Crocker Cooker Fryer that my Mom gave me.
I accidentally broke the round glass lid this morning & I have no idea where to find one. I tried on Amazon, also replacement parts. Does anyone have any ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What are the dimensions/ size of that lid?
CAT. NO 9-13

Thanks a bunch. Jojomaxie

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