Looking for canning jars that I can freeze in

marie26March 16, 2006

I want to cook soups and freeze them in canning jars and have ordered a product online that will vacuum seal these jars for me. I have never canned but I found online that there are canning jars that I can freeze in.

I know that I must leave space in the jar for expansion. Do I wait until the soup is cooled off before putting it into the jars?

Must I purchase these jars online only? Would the canning jars that they sell at Ace, etc. not be advisable for freezing?

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All standard canning jars (Ball and Kerr) can safely be placed in the freezer. Jars take up a lot of freezer space and are somewhat dangerous because they CAN and DO break easily. Cleaning glass out of a freezer would be about the last thing on my list of things to do...

A better method for freezing soup (and many other foods) is to quick-freeze it in user-friendly amounts FIRST. I use 1-cup plastic containers for soup so that I can use 1 for one serving (nice for lunch for one), or I can pull out more if I need more servings. After they are frozen I pop them out of the plastic containers and stack them and seal them with my FoodSaver in a bag. They fit better in the freezer. You can do the same thing in inexpensive 1-quart plastic freezer containers if you need larger amounts than 1-serving sizes.

You should probably check the manufacturers instructions about vacuum-sealing soup before it's frozen, or after; and whether that can/should be done in a jar. Call the toll-free number for more information.


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I always use regular canning jars to put my freezer jam in. Into the freezer,and I have never had one break on me. Diana

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The package says not to reuse the seals. Do you reuse them or throw them out after each use?

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marie26 - You shouldn't reuse the lids when they are used for home canning. They CAN be used over and over for vacuum sealing. I've kept my dry-goods like beans, seeds, grains, pasta, etc. in wide-mouthed canning jars of all sizes and have used the lids over and over. Eventually the sealing compound can get old and brittle and not hold a seal, in which case it gets tossed and replaced. I also soften the sealing compound on the lids in warm water before using them the first time on a vacuum-sealed jar.


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Thank you, Grainlady, for your response. Have you ever used the plastic lids? Do you know if they can be vacuum sealed as well as reused as needed?

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marie26 - I only wish the plastic lids could be vacuum sealed - that would indeed be wonderful!!! I use those plastic lids all the time, but just for non-vacuum sealed items.


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Again, thank you, grainlady, for responding. I purchased 1 case of freezer pint jars today to get me started. Now all I have to do is start cooking.

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I freeze all extra homemade soup in regular canning jars, but I make sure to only fill them 2/3 full so the contents don't expand and break the glass. If you're careful, you shouldn't have a problem. Make sure that if you're placing hot food into the jars, to submerge the jars in hot water first so that they won't break while filling.
I allow my soups to cool or refrigerate over night before putting in the freezer.

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I believe Ball recommends that you use the straight sided, slightly larger at the top jars for freezing. The ones with shoulders can crack as the contents expand

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If anyone is in the Los Angeles area and looking for Kerr (quart size) canning jars please contact me at turnipgyrl@aol.com. I have four boxes of jars (12 canning jars in each box). They are self-sealing. The boxes say they can be used in the freezer, too! I have made sure each jar has a screw on ring and flat gasket lids. They have all been recently washed, they are sparkling clean. The link may expire soon as I posted on craigslist. Email me for details.

Here is a link that might be useful: 4 Dozen Kerr Jars (Quart Size)

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I used plastic freezer bags to hold my chili in the freezer for a while, but since they aren't that easy to clean out I switched to regular pint canning jars.

I reuse the metal tops (since I just twist them on, I'm not actually "canning") or I also have a bunch of the plastic tops (obviously reusable).

I like the metal tops, since they clean off a bit easier, and will take some of the expansion of the contents. I fill to the "shoulder" or a bit less, probably about 1-1.25 inches. I've had a few where the contents pushed the metal tops out a bit, but none broke the glass.

They do take a lot of space though, I need a shelf in the fridge. I filled the entire floor space of the fridge with pint jars of chili this year! I just stacked everything else on top.


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I'm just curious as to why you/anyone would buy canning jars to use instead of freezer containers. I have used jars but I have also had several break even though I thought I had left expansion room...If I had to go out and buy something I would opt for the freezer containers over the jars...that's why I am asking...

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I'm looking for glass because of reports of chemicals leaching from the plastic into stored/reheated foods, especially liquids like soup. My weight also seems to increase by between 5-10 pounds after regular soft drinks that were stored in plastic. I've been trying to eliminate as much plastic food storage as I can.

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I've used canning jars in the freezer for years, and the only time one broke was when it didn't have adequate head space (DH, not me!!) It was the small lid kind. The straight sided kind would be less likely to break tho, I think.

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I want to freeze in cold chest freezer in 32 oz. glass ball jars that I have vacuum sealed all the air out.

I've heard there are special glass Ball Jars for this, but? also if their is head space, it's fine, yet curious about the vacuum sealing before freezing.

Any experience, advice out there please?

Bachelor in Dripping Springs, Texas

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i always freeze my extra soup in glass jars to avoid plastic leaching, but i drop the jars into big freezer bags before putting them in the freezer. that way, if i didn't leave enough headroom or if the jar is just ready to meet its maker, glass shards stay in the bag and don't shoot all over the freezer. i've never actually had one break, but i think my precautionary measures would work if one did.

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