Where to purchase cabinet hinges?

gr82bgrammyJanuary 11, 2009

We are building a butler's pantry in our 100 year old farmhouse and would like the hinges to be similar to the original butterfly hinges on the kitchen cabinets. We will use matching glass knobs and bin pulls. Anybody know the most reasonable places to find the butterfly hinges (the cabinets are 3/8" offset custom built to match the originals). Thanks.


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Vandykes.com has lots of old style hinges.

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we had ours made to look like some really old ones,we went to restoration people,hand forged,also try a big antique shop got barn hinges there already,fun looking for them.

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Thanks for the ideas. VanDykes is a very cool place! I didn't know about it before. They carry the matching hinges to my kitchen, but not in the offset style. Unfortunately, I can't use the plain surface mount. So...I keep looking!

I've looked at local shops and so far haven't come up with any. Any other ideas out there?

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My other ideas are:


and wmjrigby.com - he might be the one to check next.

Any chance you can post a picture of what you are looking for?

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Thanks for the ideas. I ended up purchasing the surface mount ones from VanDykes that are an exact match to my original kitchen cabinet hinges, but not offset. DH put each hinge in a vise and gently bent one side to make it 3/8" offset and will cut part of that side off (removing a third screw hole). That will make them a perfect match! All for just 3.99 a pair!

I got the nickel plated steel, but don't really want them that shiny. Anybody know if I can "satin" them up? If not, I think I'll paint over them with the cabinet white paint - like the original ones in the kitchen that have layer after layer of paint! That way, I'll have the texture of the hinges, but not something real shiny.

Thanks, Terry

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For future reference I wanted to mention Rockler.com. I ordered some specialty hardware from them for a vintage cabinet in my kitchen. They were the only retailer I was able to find who carried the catches that I needed. I also highly recommend House of Antique Hardware, which kec01 recommended.

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Check out the clearance pages on Rejuvenation.com I'm having a new cabinet built to match my existing vintage...and I scored all of my hinges (oil rubbed bronze, so they were easy to match) on clearance! They arrive today and match the vintage hinges almost identically :-)

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