Made Low Sodium Chili! Results.....

tami_ohioAugust 20, 2012

Dad said it was ok, not great, like he's used to, but he liked it.

We found out, tho, that his symptoms for low blood sugar is changing along with the no salt diet. He had a few saltines with no salt on top with the chili, and 1/4 of an apple afterwards. His sugar dropped to 65. 5 oz of orange juice, it was down to 46. Another 5 oz of OJ and down to 43! So it was back to 3 mini milky way candy bars with too much sodium. Nothing else was stopping it from dropping. It finally started coming back up after over an hour. He couldn't even sit in the chair at the table with out leaning on me. Boy was I scared! If it dropped any lower, I was calling the squad. When it started coming back up, I drove mom & dad home with DH following to bring me home. It was in the 70's when he got home. Man are we gonna have to do some adjusting! He took less insulin and Byetta than he is supposed to, and it still did this. Not

a good experience. DH did get an eductation in what to look for if mine drops, or if he is alone with dad.

But the chili worked!


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One thing to remember....after giving the fast acting sugar for a hypoglycemic episode:
Make sure you give your dad some protein or the sugar will rise and then fall again rapidly. The protein helps to stabilize the blood sugar.
Have you considered seeing a Certified Diabetic Educator? The educator will have lots of suggestions re: blood sugar issues and can probably be able to help with the sodium problem, too.
It takes about three weeks or so to get used to having low sodium first foods seem to lack flavor.
Lemon juice or herbs can help.

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Carol, Dad had just had chili with lots of meat. He has always been able to catch it before it gets that low. But it seems that his system is changing with the new low sodium diet. He didn't feel it dropping like he usually does. By the time he knew it was dropping it was already in the 40's. We've done the CDE, ect.

Other than what was already in the canned sauce, ect., mom never added salt to anything, as my grandparents couldn't have salt either. Dad's CHF is hereditary. Now it's a matter of not being able to eat out, and not being able to cook. He CAN cook, just isn't able to at this time, and mom can't cook anymore. Thanks for the heads up, tho!

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I would suggest glucose tablets instead of the mini Milky Ways to avoid the sodium issues.

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Just a many mg of sodium is he allowed per day? There is no such thing as a "no sodium" diet because sodium is necessary for life. How many mg per day is he allowed?

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I finally made it back.

Colleen, I didn't have any. But I will be getting some.

Ghoghunter, it looks like 600mg/meal.

My DSIL is much better at this than I am. She has the math figured for most anything she gives him to eat. I, on the other hand, am still learning and leaning to as little as I can give him in sodium, so I don't give him too much. I will learn!


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