Farmers Market Report Week 4

wizardnmAugust 2, 2012

I skipped doing the market this week. David didn't have enough ready from his garden to make going worthwhile for him, so I took the week off too. The weather forecast was for thunderstorms (which we did get), that helped my decision.

I did put the time to good use, I tweaked my pretzel roll recipe a little and made an experimental batch yesterday.

Kim had a burger with a round one

I have had a hot dog craving, so I tried that

Today I cooked lobster for "Pretzel Lobster Rolls". I grilled the split rolls and they really were good. I know it's not the traditional way to do lobster rolls but the flavor worked. I'll make them again.

I also made a blueberry dessert. It's kinda like a blueberry bread pudding w/o the milk and eggs. I grew up making this during blueberry season and I make it almost every year.

I'll share the recipe if anyone wants it.

Next week we will be back at the market.


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Blue berry dessert? Is it a blue berry betty?...berries and sugar topped with buttered bread cubes?

and I would love to know your tweaks on the pretzel rolls....
I have got to make a batch soon!!

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the blueberry dessert looks delicious but that lobster roll is the thing that's calling out to me.....


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I need to give Pretzel Rolls another shot. I used GuyFieri's recipe last time and they were okay, but not nearly as ymuuy looking as yours.

And that Blueberry dessert looks amazing! I would love the recipe!


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Guess I'm gonna have to break down
And try those Pretzel Rolls!
They are making me drool this morning.
Would you mind sharing your tweaked recipe?
Are you able to buy the pretzel salt locally?
or do you have to order in online?
I've never seen it in stores here.

And that Lobster Roll! ! !
Looks amazing!
I can almost taste it.

I. too, would love to have the blueberry recipe.


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Your pictures and uses of your baked goods are lovely. I wish you great luck at your next Farmer's Market. If you choose to post the recipes I am sure many, includiing me, would be appreciative!

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Rolls are gorgeous. And I'd love that blueberry dessert recipe... thanks. They've just started picking at the blueberry farms.

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Nice bread.

One pie regular size, at the farmers market near me (NYC area) $25.00.


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Looks good! The pretzel rolls have been on my to-do list since one of the last FM reports, also. I made them before and can vouche for them.

Lobsters are $5.99 this week, just the little guys (1.25 avg) but I still think I'll take advantage.

Rusty - I think chances are you have to go online to buy a package of salt, but if you've got someplace that makes their own bagels you can ask if they'll sell some. I bought a bagel for breakfast and asked for some salt and they threw in a small quarter pound cup, no charge.

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The pretzel rolls look really good, Nancy. I'm not too sure about the lobster salad on them though? lol

Rusty, I get my pretzel salt from KA. It's one of those things I pick-up when I have an order with free shipping.

Nancy, over a decade ago on QVC, I saw pretzels that were filled with marinara/cheese. They looked delicious but were expensive & I knew they wouldn't be hard to make - just fussy. I've been making them ever since for our freezer. Same dough as pretzels. Pull off the same amount of dough for a roll & roll it between your hands to make a rope. Use a rolling pin to flatten the rope slightly (not too thin - just flatten it out a bit). Then, smear marinara down the center of the flattened strip & sprinkle with mozz cheese. Roll up, seal the edge well, & form into pretzel shape. Proceed as normal in boiling water/bake, etc. They are soooo good & freeze very well. I let them thaw about an hour wrapped & then pop in the oven to reheat.


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The blueberry dessert is Blueberry Betty. Linda guessed right!

I'm always happy to share recipes, it's a good thing to do! I have many from this site that have become favorites over the years.

The rolls are really tasty, try them, they are easy. Here's a couple of things I've learned.

Be sure you grease your baking sheet, they will stick to parchment paper.
I like a nice deep color and find this is one thing to bake using a convection setting, if you have that option.
Watch that 30 min rise that is just before the boiling water step. I had some get over proofed and they turned out flat.
Boil no longer than 15 seconds per side. Set your timer!

Morton course Kosher salt is probably the best to use if you can't get pretzel salt. I ordered my pretzel salt online. KA hasn't had it recently so I had to look elsewhere. I'll leave a linky.

Here are the recipes:

This is the original recipe LindaC linked to.

Bretzel Rolls (Bavarian Pretzel Sandwich Rolls)

By NcMysteryShopper on May 25, 2006

Prep Time: 35 mins
Total Time: 1 hrs 54 mins
Serves: 12, Yield: 1 dozen bretzel rolls


1 1/3 cups warm water------- my tweak--- 1 cup milk and 1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons warm milk
2 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast
1/3 cup light brown sugar
2 tablespoons butter, melted
4 cups all-purpose flour--- I use 3 cups unbleaced AP flour and 1 cup unbleached bread flour
kosher salt or pretzel salt

Parboiling Liquid
2 quarts cold water
baking soda ( 1/2 cup)---add the soda gradually so it up and over the side of your pan


In a small bowl if using a bread machine, or in the bowl of a standing electric mixer fitted with a dough hook, mix a 1/3 cup of the warm water (105-115 degrees) with the yeast and let stand until foamy.
Add the remaining cup of warm water along with milk, sugar & melted butter and swirl to dissolve the sugar. (If using a bread machine add mixture to bread machine at this point and continue).
Add flour and mix on dough cycle or med-low speed.

Remove dough from bread machine once it forms a nice a firm, pliable dough ball.
Add more flour if necessary.
Turn dough out onto a lightly floured table and knead for 2 minutes.
Roll into a 2 foot long log and cut into 12 even pieces.
Cover dough with plastic and a damp cloth and let sit for 10 minutes.
Pat dough into rolls or form knots and arrange on a lightly floured surface about an inch apart and cover with lightly oiled plastic wrap.
Let the pretzels rest for an additional 30 minutes.
Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
Lightly oil 2 baking sheets.
In a large stockpot, bring the cold water to a rolling boil and add baking soda.
Drop two rolls into the boiling water and boil for no more then 30 seconds, turning once.
Carefully remove with tongs or slotted spoon and hold above pot and let drain.
Sprinkle lightly with salt.
Repeat with the remaining rolls.
Arrange rolls on the oiled baking sheets and bake on the upper and middle racks of the oven for about 8-10 minutes, or until browned all over; shift pans from top to bottom and back to front halfway through, for even baking.
Let rolls cool on the baking sheets for about 5 minutes, then transfer them to a rack.
Serve warm or at room temperature.


4 C bread cubes (1/2")   
3/4 C melted butter   
1/4 C sugar   
1 tsp. cinnamon   
2 C fresh or frozen blueberries   
2 tbsp lemon juice   
1/2 C brown sugar 

Toss bread cubes with butter, sugar and cinnamon 

Sprinkle berries with lemon juice and brown sugar. Alternate layers of bread cubes with fruit mixture, spreading evenly in a 7" X 12" baking dish. 

Bake in at 350F 20 to 30 min. until bubbly. Makes 6 servings. 

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$5.99 Foas! Be still my heart. They are $2.99 here. And I think they will be even less if the bidding war between our 2 close by lobster pounds keep it up. I love cooking/baking anything blueberry. But I, personally will only eat them fresh. Go figure. I make Pies, muffins, buckles, and Blueberry BBQ sauce recipe I am working on. But prefer whole fresh blueberries. Weird I know. Keep the pictures coming Nancy! NancyLouise

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Nancy, at what point did you make the slashes on the tops of the rolls? Is it before they have risen the last time or is it just before you boil them?

It does look like a fun recipe that I would also like to make. Thanks for sharing!


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I slash after boiling. Salt first, then slash and bake.

It's fun...after you slash you can see them expand right away. Then they expand more in the oven.


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