is this funny?

blackcats13January 31, 2010

My previous posting about my refinished floors somehow made me wonder about something else (irrelevant) and I went into the kitchen and got the tape measure and measured, etc. Then I said to DH, do you think people would find it funny that we keep a tape measure on every floor of the house (basement, main, upstairs)? And he pointed to my laptop and said "I don't think those people would" LOL =D So glad to have a 'home' here!

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I keep a small one in my purse! Also a list of dimensions for different fireplaces where I need hanging grates, etc.; I've been carrying that around for about 20 years - & it's paid off. Only 1 more f/p to go!

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I keep one in my purse, too. LOL. It was a gift from my husband, because he got tired of me asking to use the one he keeps permanently in his pocket. Hanky, keys, pocketknife and tape measure. That's his pocket contents.

Before the metal measure, I kept a ruler. For many years I had the room dimensions and window dimensions kept in my pocket calendar. I don't need it anymore because I know it by heart now...... as well as all the window dimension, paint shades, and ceiling heights and each room is different.

Yes.........we understand the measuring devices. ;-)

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I keep one in my purse too!!! And I keep one in the kitchen junk drawer. Blackcats, I think you're among friends.

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Don't they all do that??????????
On top of the regular ones I also have a couple of the laser kind and a handful of the flexible kind for my knitting and sewing.

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I've got one on every floor, and I can still never find the darn thing.

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Not funny at all, very good planning.
Hubby's latest order from Harbor Freight had a wrong item in it, substituted 4 of their 25' tapes @ $.79 for whatever it was he ordered. We now have a bonanza of tapes! I have a neat tool box for women, given to me by ny DIL last Christmas, and the 12' tape in it is so feminine. Love it.

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I'm with Billl, constantly hunting even after I put one on each floor. Either that, or measuring for the 14th time because I think I'm going to remember but never do.

Plus, one in the storage locker!


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I am very very forceful about those tapes going back where they belong. Doesn't hurt that I'm the one using them 99% of the time too ;) I also have a bunch of little papers floating around with all the measurements I could ever want, or so it seems. But THAT's something I can never find when I want it.

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Cyndi Charney

Maybe if we did keep one on every floor we could find them when we need them. I hate it when I have to resort to my sewing tape measure. LOL

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tape measures and utility knives are the two things that seem to never be around when you need them. I don't know how many of each we have, but they seem to be migratory -

DH says we should just buy a dozen of each and scatter them around the house so that no matter where we are, we are likely to be able to find one when we need it.

And that does not count what is needed for the out-buildings.


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I can usually find all of the utility knives, except for the 1 good one that actually works ;)

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Yeah, it's hard to find people to talk to about old house stuff in my non-virtual world. I see what I do to my house as a combination of realization of personal preference/style/comfort, stewardship, and prudent (or sometimes not-so-prudent) investment. My friends seem to be either at war with their houses, or indifferent; in either case, there isn't much to talk about. So yeah, I love all you people on the laptop. Not only do you listen patiently (my 3D friends do that too, bless them), but--this is the awesome part--you TALK BACK! And say really cool interesting things.

The other thing that keeps me coming here is that throughout my house, I find things done in a jakey way. Sometimes leaves my jaw hanging. So when I do something around here, I don't want a quick fix; I want to do something right, that will stand the test of time. This is where I go to figure out how to do that. If the next person that lives in this house doesn't moan in agony over the house, well, knowing that would somehow ease some of the agony now. (still moaning about ripped-off wrap-around porch.)

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I used to carry an architectural scale too, so once I measured it I could draw it to scale. I try to keep those at home now, but I have a bunch.

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Oh my gosh!!! I think I'm going to ask for an architectural scale for my birthday!! (and a laser tape measure hehehe)

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This has always been my favorite architectural scale. They come in red, too (or, at least, they used to)

Here is a link that might be useful: scale

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so I am in good company
having in my purse:
2 nail sets
2 razor knives
2 sm flashlights
& misc dewalt bits?
tape measure makes it too heavy
to carry in my purse, which
already weighs a ton!

My complaint is that the tape
measures (5 count 'em total)
are always in the vehicles
and never in the house when I need
one!..same with hammers.

have a good weekend everyone.

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In desperation I bought multiple sets of hand tools to keep in every ROOM and outbuilding. It works for a while and then they all migrate to a few places and I still don't have one when I need it. Why don't they all end up in the tool box?

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The only handtools (including tapes) that don't "float" around the house till they're lost in the bottom of a toybox or kitchen drawer are those I keep locked in my truck. And I hide the truck keys in...oh, no you're not getting that out of me!

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This discussion has a surreal element to it, have you noticed?
I have a feeling, a sneaking suspicion if you will, that these tape measures and frequently-needed tool items, have a secret desire to congregate. I don't tell many people that I sense a CONSPIRACY amongst the tape measures to gather together and plot.....something. Changing the "rule?"

Yeah, I've gone so far as to buy another tape measure and set it somewhere, watch it from the corner of my eye to see what it does and where it goes. You have to be alert, because when it moves, be aware! It will lead you to the home for all lost tape measures, and then you can scotch the whole conspiracy before they destroy the English rule, or is it the metric rule now. Seditious little things, aren't they.

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LOL LOL They will never move while we are watching. They have way more patience then us!

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My DH is in construction and usually has a 12' tape measure on him. When it breaks, I give him my nice new 12' tape and buy a new one. But after 3 times in six months, I give up. I just went and bought a tiny little 6' one, betcha he doesn't ask for that one...... :)

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I keep a toolbox on every floor of my house.

The main tools are in the basement in my workshop.

On the first and second floors, though, I have a plastic tool box with:

  • a hammer

  • various nails

  • several screw drivers

  • screws

  • wall anchors

  • slip jaw pliers

  • needle nose pliers

  • a razor knife

  • a roll of duct tape

  • 6 and 8 inch adjustable crescent wrenches

  • a tape measure

  • post it notes

  • a pencil or pen

  • a small flash light

None of these tools are expensive. They're Home Depot/Lowes/WalMart type stuff, but they'll allow me to tackle most small jobs like hanging a picture or tightening the screws or bolts on a piece of furniture, without making me run to the basement to get my regular tool box.

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I have a tape measure in my purse too. What I don't understand is why its so hard to find rulers divided in tenths. Some drawings I have are on a scale of 1 inch = 10 feet. So an architectural scale divided into 1/8s or 1/4s is not particularly useful. Finally I found an old Title Company advertisement ruler divided into tenths. I'd like a bigger better newer one tho, cant find it. Does anyone know of a source?
I also have a small tool kit that I guard from dh who has tools everywhere, but its hard to find any particular one quickly when you need it.

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