'new' floors!

blackcats13January 31, 2010

We got the living/dining room floors refinished!

Before, during our inspection. They put down the sheets for people to walk on because they had just cleaned the carpet. We should have looked under - the cleaning sure didn't clean well. So gross.

After, hooray! We had a top rated company come out and quote fixing the damage in an approximately 4x8 section. You can almost see the new wood, it's the lighter area by the plastic covered doorway. Had them quote refinishing too since they were here, and since it wasn't outrageously more to have it done then to do it ourselves (and would take about 90% less time for them to do it) we went for it. Just a 'natural' stain that brings out the grain and traffic master varnish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, and hate my house a little less now =D Next 'small' project - baseboards!

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I can't even tell where the new wood is. Looks great!

I, too, am working on baseboards. ;)

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Thank you! Ha - if only we were actively working on them! Soon (I hope). Though maybe I should paint that old wood paneling (not original and I hate it) first. It'll come down eventually, but I'm too afraid of what's behind it to take it down now.

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Yeah, I agree that you should paint the old wood paneling before you replace the baseboards. You'll want the baseboards to be a true clean line, and it won't happen if you decide to paint the paneling later.

Since you know you will take that paneling down one day, but perhaps not any time soon, it would be a great chance to experiment with some color coating. It is really not a hard thing to do, if you are not a perfectionist. Just grab a brush and a roller and a can of paint and have some fun.

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Color coating? Do you mean 'different' colors or something new and interesting I've never heard of? I'm all for experimenting and love color!

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