RuthieG__TXFebruary 6, 2009

I cooked chicken a couple of weeks ago when breasts were on sale for 1.68 per pound...so I made all kinds of freezer goodies. Today I wasn't feeling good because of the chemo and I took out a package of enchiladas....yum they were delish. I preheated the oven, put my iron skillet on the stove and got it really hot and then layered the chili gravy...enchiladas, more chili gravy and onions and cheese....lots of cheese...It was browned and bubbly in less than 30 minutes and delish...I so love OAWC...or OAMC. Obviously the hot skillet isn't necessary but we were starving and I had to hurry so I wanted to start with a pan that didn't have to have time to heat up in the oven...While I was doing all that...I browned and prepared chicken breasts for the crockpot for tomorrow morning...another easy meal tomorrow...Salsa Crockpot chicken.

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I always like taking a bunch of boneless, skinless breasts, slow cook them tender, shred them and make a mild BBQ sauce. Could use them for enchiladas, tacos, fabulous bbq sandwiches, add cheese and make a dip... Reminds me of Kitty Forman Vienna sausages... they're SO versitile!!!

I sure hope all is going well with you! Sounds like you have a decent appetite, which is a good sign! :) My best to you and yours.

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