Quick question re using a Foodsaver to seal WM mason jars

housekeepingFebruary 7, 2006


Am I correct in understanding that at least some brands of vacuum sealers permit sealing of wide mouth canning jars with the ordinary metal lid with rubber gasket that is used in conventional canning? (I realize vacuum sealing is not a substitute for processing or freezing.) But I always thought you had to use the vacuum sealers manufacturer's expensive (a couple of bucks a piece) cap for each jar. But I think I was reading that you can use regular mason jar lids (new ones of course).

And is my impression that vacuum-sealed frozen items suffer less freezer burn and other delterious freezing effects?

Thanks for your answers!


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Hi Molly - I'm on my 3rd FoodSaver (used them for nearly 20 years now) and all of the models I've had have the wide-mouth jar sealer (my first FoodSaver had both regular and wide-mouth) and will seal Kerr/Ball lids to wide-mouthed canning jars. Models of FoodSavers that don't come with a jar sealer can be purchased separately.

The trick to using it successfully (according to manufacturer directions), you need to place the lids in warm water to soften the rubber seal - dry the lids and use. I've used the same lids over and over - just as long as the rubber hasn't gotten brittle and won't seal anymore, reuse is just fine.

I keep my large hoard of grains/beans/seeds/grains/pasta in canning jars.

Freezer burn is a textural change that happens when moisture evaporates from the surface of a frozen food. When you vacuum seal food you remove all the air and seal the contents in an air-tight bag or a jar. This automatically prevents the moisture from evaporating because it has no where to go. Without vacuum sealing foods, there isn't another type of wrap or bag that will prevent freezer burn.


Here is a link that might be useful: FoodSaver

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Thank you so much for your answer! Would you care to recommend a model of Foodsaver? I am a big home canner and freezer, if that would enter in to your suggestions. Thanks for your help. It sounds like a neat way to preserve things.


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I can't really recommend a certain model because every one of mine have been different and they are constantly changing them, but all worked essentially the same. What I look for:

1. You can use both sizes of bags (8- & 11-inch).
2. Has a jar sealer.

I've had a model that held the roll of bags inside and two that didn't. I actually preferred the bags outside to inside. It seemed like it didn't matter which size bag you had in the machine, it was always the wrong one for your needs.

I really like the canisters. I used to be able to get them at Wal-Mart, but they don't carry them anymore. The canisters are wonderful for fresh greens - helps keep them fresh much longer. Canisters or jars are a must for things that will stick together if vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag. I purchased a HUGE bag of chocolate chips at Sam's Club many years ago and vacuum-sealed them in user-friendly size bags. Little did I know they would clump together - duh!!!

You will find you use it all the time if you have it out and available, not put away. I have a large kitchen rack and I keep a pretty basket with all the bags and the hose and jar attachment, as well as a Sharpie (for marking the bags contents) and a pair of sissors - right there with the FoodSaver. I use it many times a day.

I have my #4 FoodSaver in storage (I got it dirt-cheap at Tuesday Mornings 2 years ago) and it's completely different from the one I'm now using.


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