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golddustJanuary 30, 2009

I have picturetrail and it's a huge hassle to assign each photo an url but it's easy to scroll an album.

We are putting in a bathroom upstairs and have run into the usual problems with old houses - structural and cosmetic. The photos of the ceiling show a 3" swoop in a 3' space. After jacking up and putting in beams and other structural thingees, we set about the great fake out. We shimmed the ceiling, dropped the lights and put new drywall in before coving the ceilings. Currently it's only primed so the coving doesn't show.

When we were tearing out the walls, we found a few interesting things...

Also, please check out the paint colors while you are there and let me know. I found one shade lighter grey today that I'm leaning toward but no photo yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: My walls did talk!

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Hi, I take it Toto N. is your dog? Love the peaches ad! I do like the bathroom colors a lot, very restful.

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No, Toto Neorest is my new toilet! LOL! It is about the last thing you would expect to find in an old house... Think 'The Jettsons'. Seriously, we were talked into it over on the bathroom forum. Now we're trying to hide it! Image search it on google and you will understand.

Isabelle is my dog's name.

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deby I sure hope you saved the papers and framed them. The peach one would be beautiful in the kitchen. I have 6ft windows over my 6'6" clawfoot. I love it. We have a Toto but not that one. I put them in 3 of the 4 bathrooms. Can't fit it in the 4th LOL> All is looking wonderful. Can hardly wait to see all of it done. c

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trailrunner, thank you! The paper is so brittle, it turns to dust when it's touched. We left as much in as possible, covered it with insulation. I did score a few nice papers that were on an inside wall. A 5 page fashion addition to the newspaper from a local fabric store (long gone). Those will be framed for my sewing room. Great examples of the flapper era!

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I wonder if you had sprayed clear aerosol sealer on the paper 1st to firm it up and then remove...I bet it would have worked. Too bad the peach ad was great . I am glad you saved the others ! Keep posting I love old houses :) c

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I know. I should have asked someone. The peach paper is still in the wall but now it's closed up.

trailrunner, you may have seen the other photos of our house, but just in case you haven't, here is the album link to the downstairs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of downstairs 1912 era transitional Craftsman

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